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Birthday/romantic dinner

thanks again
its hard finding a place to satsfy both taste and wants

Birthday/romantic dinner

what do u mean by the nonna menu on sunday for sociala

Globe Bistro not so much

Le Rossignol not so much

Torito looks good but he wouldent go for it

so i have a few other ideas, maybe a place that has a decent amount of pasta, we dont care for wine, comfert food, cozy place, romantic.

thanks again all who have tried

i saw a few pictures of woodlot looks rather intersting, its a maybe

i should have mentioned he likes to eat a huge portion of food for dinner no small

Birthday/romantic dinner

so far i like the sounds of enoteca sociale, i love the looks of the menu!! but curious to know if there will be enough dishes with meat i know he love pasta but wonders if there is enough meat/flavor

beast sonds neat with the idea of making your own menu with the chef based on an animal, will they do this for two?

also what kinf of food does woodlot have ?

weezies sounds good but cant closed on sundays

i failed to mention where going on a sunday

i am still looking for a few more before i make a finale descion

thank you all who have helped so far

anymore ideas welcomed

Birthday/romantic dinner


I am looking for a restaurant in Toronto.
My boyfriend and I have very different taste.
He likes meaty food with tons of flavour; I on the other hand like simple comfort food with flavour.
I was inquiring about finding a restaurant that has maybe both of those.
My idea of romantic is cozy not to loud but with people around and it not stuffy.

I hope this all helps and if anyone has ideas thank you