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Glass jars - fess up!

Glad I ran across this site , now I feel like I am in great company. I too, am a glass hoarder, love the shapes, sizes and versatility of uses that come with glass and ever so important that it repurposes an existing product.
check out the myriad of options for use of baby food jars below

Also check out uses of the myriad of glass jars, baby jars , just glass in general for how to make your own snow globes. We did this as our Christmas project for the kids in our family and it worked out beautifully, great winter project just remember to use WATERPROOF glue if making a traditional snow globe with water and a little glycerin goes a long way as does sparkeles....or you can do a dry snow globe just use epsom salts, potato flakes and the list of options goes on...see site below for how to's.

For those of you that drink from mason/canning jars do you know about cupppow, the innovative spill free lid adaptor for use with regular and wide mouth mason jars. It is uber cool and ever so popular check out
I am in Canada but know most of the retailers who are selling in stores and online so get in touch as I have plenty also to sell...

Jul 17, 2012
bday gal in Not About Food

help need a restaurant for my bday next week

I am getting a few friends and family together to celebrate my bday.

The issue is it falls within film festival week and on a friday night i have tentatively set aside so all can join rather than midweek.

I like minimalist interiors and zen inspired with fusion menus, but, I dont like crammed seating or loud spots.

Group of 12-15 would like to be able to mingle lounge side if avail at restaurant and some friends to join later post dinner for drinks.

Like fusion menus, too bad doku 15 closed, any one know anything about kultura on king east or colborne lane, their menus seem interesting as well as the interior.

Downtown, or leslieville or the Dani preferred.
any insight welcomed...