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Best Cupcakes in Toronto?

I think Magnolia Bakery is very overrated. Crumbs is better by leaps and bounds. As for T.O. cupcakes, I think DLish is very good, although expensive and a direct rip-off of Sprinkles in the States. Flour on eglinton is also good. Still haven't found THE go to place for cupcakes though in Toronto.

Kobe Beef FOUND!!!!

True Kobe beef is not available anywhere anymore. You can still purchase Kobe "style" beef which is probably what you had.

Looking for the best diners or dives in Vaughan??

Memphis BBQ in Woodbridge has the best ribs I've ever had. I think it qualifies as a dive but the food is amazing.

The major intersection is Islington and Highway #7 but is closer to Islington and Woodbridge Avenue.

Hope this helps!

Memphis BBQ
8074 Islington Ave, Woodbridge, ON L4L1W5, CA