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RICE Restaurant - if it's gone, I need a recipe!!

I was totally devastated today when I did not find the Nolita outpost of RICE existed anymore (granted I don't get there often so had no idea). And now I learn that all locations are gone.

I frequented RICE for over ten years, and now I am heartbroken, because I have no idea how to replicate the delicious vegetarian meatballs they made. I don't normally cook with soy, so am not even sure whether they were made with tofu or something else. They had scallions, and I am fairly sure the spicy sauce was Sriracha.

I would love some guidance on how to recreate these delicious meatballs at home!

Dec 12, 2012
wasserd in Manhattan

"free range" lamb chops @ Fairway?

My husband went to Fairway and came back with a couple of packages of lamb chops. They looked just like the shoulder chops we've always gotten there, save for one thing - the label reads "Free Range Lamb Chops." I'm suspicious, because the price ($4.59/lb, or similar) didn't seem to jibe with free range meat prices, which are usually higher.

I've been trying to research this, but is "free range" a designation that is legitimately earned, or can anyone put that on a label? Don't all lambs need to graze? These chops were great, and I'd like to think we can get free range meat at that price, but I just have to wonder...

Apr 01, 2008
wasserd in Not About Food

I need "McCann's for Dummies!"

After all the hype here and elsewhere, we went out and got a can of McCann's Irish Oatmeal. I got up early today to make a batch. And I was not impressed. Compared to my 15-minute rolled oats, this was grainy and chewy, like a bowl of slightly underdone rice. What did I do wrong??

Here's what I did do: boiled 4 c water, added 1 c oats, stirred until the boil slowed down a bit, then turned to simmer for 30 mins, stirring occasionally. Did not cover the pot (as I do, partially, when I make rolled oats). I stopped the cooking around 28 mins when it was starting to get stuck to the bottom. I don't expect those additional 2 mins would have made the difference, so is this just an acquired taste or did my methodology have a fatal flaw?

Nov 19, 2006
wasserd in Home Cooking

Joyce Bakeshop in Prospect Heights

It's open!! As of today, 8/30/06.

Aug 30, 2006
wasserd in Outer Boroughs

Best Marinade for Grilled Skirt Steak?

I find skirt steak doesn't need as much marinating time as thicker cuts like flank. For a quick, easy and delicious seasoning, I use tamari constantly on steaks, combined with salt (not too much, the tamari has quite a bit), pepper, garlic powder, and cumin. Fresh or dried parsley can add some color and depth.

Jun 26, 2006
wasserd in Home Cooking