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Superbowl 2015

I was thinking vegan lobster bisque with lobster mushrooms
Some Cauliflower wings, turnip greens/artichoke dip beer and special brownies.

Jan 23, 2015
sanielj1badcook in Home Cooking

Common Appliances, Uncommon Uses

i have used my rice cooker for numerous things pasta, steam vegetables, fish. the slow cooker as stir fry or a roaster. my husband recently made a cheese quesadilla in the waffle maker-it smelled so good i asked for one.

May 21, 2012
sanielj1badcook in Features

Frenchified Popcorn

just made this didnt have fresh garlic used garlic powder(2tsp) and herb mix. pretty good very garlicy

Jun 24, 2011
sanielj1badcook in Recipes