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Yummy House - Orlando (Altamonte Springs)

Yes, I had forgotten about the salt and pepper shrimp. We had that also, and our experience was exactly the same.

The mixture of spices was the only shining light in an otherwise dismal dinner. Our friends were using the spice mixture to try and perk up the rest of the dinner.

Jun 25, 2015
ltlevy in Florida

Yummy House - Orlando (Altamonte Springs)

My DW and I and another couple went to the new Yummy House in Altamonte Springs. Sad to say we won't be returning.

We've been to the original Yummy House in Tampa, and loved it. We have gone to the one in Gainesville for dim sum and found it unmemorable. And we went to the one in Ocala, for dinner, and found everything too, too sweet.

The new one in Altamonte also serves food much too sweet. We ordered the West Lake Beef Soup, Roast Pork, Beef Chow Fun, Clams in Black Bean Sauce, a spicy tofu casserole, and Kung Po Shrimp. Not one of those dishes would I recommend. In fact, we had lots of left overs and none of us were interested in taking anything home.

The shrimp in the casserole and the Kung Po were translucent. At first I thought they weren't cooked through, but when we cut them open it was cooked. They just didn't have any flavor. The beef in the Chow Fun was also not good. Tasted like it was tenderized.

The knife skills were non existent,the Kung Po had WHOLE water chestnuts in it. Not what I would expect for a dish that is supposed to be diced!

One of these days we need to get back to the one in Tampa to see if the original is still as good as we remember.

Jun 25, 2015
ltlevy in Florida

Asian Tea Houses/Places in Westchester?

While not specifically Asian, Silver Tips in Tarrytown has a huge selection of teas. You may find something there.

Myong Gourmet Mt. Kisco

Aberdeen is on Barker Ave in White Plains. It is in the Residence Inn.

Long Island wine loss

That is so sad... We had a tour once at Pindar only to find out at the end that he was giving it. He had so much enthusiasm for wine!

Maybe I should open up that bottle of Mythology we have in his memory.

Best Thai in Central PA

I would recommend Pakha's Thai House on route 15 in Dillsburg.

It's been awhile since I've been there, but the food has been consistently good.

May 11, 2013
ltlevy in Pennsylvania

Pre-Fixe dinners in Westchester

Checkout Goldfish in Ossining. They have a per-fixe menu everyday but Saturday.

valentine's day choice? [Westchester / Rockland]

+1 for Buffet de la Gare. Very romantic and excellent food.

Peking Duck in Westchester

+1. Aberdeen really isn't Peking Duck, but more Cantonese roast duck served Peking style. However the duck is carved well and the skin is very crispy. My DW and I really enjoy it.

Sala on Hudson in Croton

Yes... That's it.

Sala on Hudson in Croton

Went there the other night and was not impressed. The sangria was tasteless, the shrimp in garlic sauce was swimming in oil, the paella I had was a tomato based sauce (couldn't taste any saffron) and badly needed some seasoning and my DW's skirt steak was also lacking any flavor. Also the brussel sprouts that came with her dish were supposed to be cooked with bacon, and she didn't taste any, plus they were burnt. The only glimmer of light was our friend's pork chop, but even that could have used more seasoning.

For the price point they are charging, the food should be way better!

Is Blue Hill at Stone Barns worth the aggrevation of making a reservation?

I also agree with naysayers. When we went we thought it was pretty much a one-note experience. We went during ramp season and just about everything just tasted from the ramps. There was no symphony of flavors. Additionally, my DW did the wine pairing, and felt that many of the pairings just didn't work.

tappan zee lunch stop

Wood burner... Good call on Bella's. That one slipped my mind. I did go there when I lived in Tarrytown and enjoyed it.

I will have to respectfully disagree with you on El Dorado. I think it is a decent diner.

tappan zee lunch stop

Just south of the Tappan Zee on the Westchester side is the El Dorado diner.

TABLE 9 - Peekskill

Thanks for the review. I was wondering if they were open yet. I hadn't seen any banners or signs, the last time I drove by.

Do they still have the salad bar in the new restaurant?

Best Chinese supermarket in Flushing?

The one concern I have with J-mart is with their frozen foods. On more than one occasion I saw excess stock stored outside of the freezers.

Jun 10, 2012
ltlevy in Outer Boroughs

King's Barbecue in Eustis- still there?

After seeing the billboard on rte 44, I went looking for it. I found the place, but it was breakfast time, so they were not open yet. So, I can't say if they are still in business, but the building is still there with their sign on it,

Apr 13, 2012
ltlevy in Florida

Texas De Brazil

I went last night with DW and a friend. We found the service to be extremely attentive and the meats quite tasty. The salad bar had some very good items on it. It is definitely much more upscale compared to what was on Central Ave and quite a lot better. It is also more upscale than Copacabana in Port Chester and more expensive. I think it was around $45 for dinner (plus tax & tips), not including drinks or dessert. If I remember correctly the one in Port Chester runs around $35. While the meat was better at Texas de Brazil, the meat at Copacabana was also good. I think the salad bar is better at Texas de Brazil.

Aberdeen, White Plains

Parking for Aberdeen is available in the parking lot on Barker just past the building. During the week it is free after 7pm (even if you get in before 7pm, but leave after it is free). Earlier, during the week, there is a charge, but Aberdeen will validate for some or all of it. On the weekend the lot is free.

Aberdeen, White Plains


Typically, tables of 10. If you are one table, there is an alcove on the main level that can give you some privacy. We've used it and we didn't feel crammed. If you are more than one table, they'll probably sit you on the lower level on one side and spread out across, as needed. We didn't serve alcohol, although sometimes we bring our own wine for our table. Price per person varies based on the dishes you order. For Lunar New Year celebrations we organized, prices were around $40 - $50 pp.

Aberdeen, White Plains

DW has organized many banquets at Aberdeen. However, I don't think she ever used the banquet menus. Instead she's worked with the managers to create a banquet menu, based on the price per person she wanted to aim for,

I organized a b'day dinner for DW there and also worked with the managers to create a menu.

All in all the managers were extremely helpful in putting together a great menu and the food was well received by the attendees.

Five Guys Burger and Fries coming to Cortlandt Manor

Went to the new 5 Guys today for lunch. It was fairly crowded, but being the second day not as bad as I thought it

My burger was fine, but what was really unique here was the soda machines. There is a very large LCD panel on the front where you select your drink. Then a secondary menu comes up where you can select a flavor variation. I thoroughly enjoyed my lime diet coke!

A Wedding Venue with GOOD food?!

We had our wedding at Colonial Terrace in Cortlandt. We thought they did an excellent job. It was back in 1999, so I can't say if they are still as good as when we were there. We had the ceremony outdoors.

Where do you eat at the Palisades Mall?

For all you fried chicken lovers...

Was at the mall yesterday and KFC is open. Popeye's had a sign that they would be "Opening Later Today". That was around 2 or so, so maybe it was open for dinner.

dog friendly restaurants in westchesrer

Our dog is welcomed at Lefteris' outdoor seating in Tarrytown.

Gem Cuisines of China, former Hunan Village in Yonkers... Paul is Back!

Yes, Brooklyn has some wonderful authentic Chinese food, but parking is a real bear there. Since I'm driving, I prefer Flushing which is much more car friendly.

Gem Cuisines of China, former Hunan Village in Yonkers... Paul is Back!

We tend to hit Flushing for our authentic Chinese food fix. We enjoy the food at Full House, Corner 28, and Dong Yi Feng for dim sum.

Gem Cuisines of China, former Hunan Village in Yonkers... Paul is Back!

Bao is the restaurant in the White Plains mall. Same mall as Kam Sen supermarket. Aberdeen is across the street in the same building as the Residence Inn.

Gem Cuisines of China, former Hunan Village in Yonkers... Paul is Back!

Have you been to Aberdeen on Barker Ave in White Plains? Authentic Cantonese and reliably good. Also, there is Central Seafood on Central Ave in the Best Buy shopping center. A step down from Aberdeen, in my opinion, but still decent.

Central Seafood
285 N Central Ave, Hartsdale, NY 10530

Khan's Mongolian, Blauvelt

Pricing is quite reasonable. $15-20 for all you can eat dinner. Which includes soup, a few peel and eat shrimp, a piece or two of shu mai, and ice cream. I wouldn't call it exotic. The buffet consists of noodles, assorted raw meats (lamb is about as exotic as the ingredients get), and veggies. Then there are ingredients to season your food (spicy peppers, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, cooking wine, etc.), or you can use their prepared sauces. To me, it is a Chinese stir fry but not drowned in sauce.

Lunch is a little less, but it is only one trip to the buffet and only includes soup.

If it intrigues you, I suggest you try it soon. The last time we were there, my wife was chatting with the owner and I think he's looking to retire. Which reminds me, we haven't been there for a bit. Time to hit it again when we're over the river.

And yes it is as spartan inside as it is outside.