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Boxty (Irish Potato Pancake)

Thanks to everyone who pointed in the direction of bacon. This Texas German girl used leftover mashed potatoes added some grated onion, parsley, lots of black pepper, buttermilk instead of milk and then used bacon drippings. I also add a pinch of baking powder.

The onion, parsley, buttermilk and baking powder are just how grandmamas and mama made them

Mar 17, 2013
archaeogrrrl in Recipes

The 10 College Towns with the Worst Food

Oh, wow. You went to small town Texas and checked it on a website? Dumb you. You missed some incredible Mexican and Tex Mex, some seriously amazing and authentic (to the point of being scary) Chinese, and well obviously you just screwed up in all kinds of ways on the bar b que front. There is incredible Tex-Czech and German food around as well. None of these are chains, I doubt any are online, and if you didn't bother to look, ask or listen, your problem.

I grew up in Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin, I have lived in London and Milan, and trust me there is amazing food in College Station fully on par with large cities and even better, there are amazing food producers all around the town. Eating, cooking and learning there was a complete joy. Don't be an idiot and don't be afraid to explore, and leave your judgments at the county line.

Gainesville is the same damn way. If you don't know how to navigate a small town, don't assume you, no matter your foodie-cred, have even scratched the surface. Gainesville, best chicken wings ever and some seriously yummy pizza. As far as Baylor students driving the the Cheesecake Factory in Dallas, get a grip. As if freshmen in college aren't going to express their freedom by getting for themselves what might have been a very special treat when they were younger, that has nothing do with what may or may not be available in Waco. I have also been a guest in Tuscaloosa, same thing.

Seriously, from the four examples of the belittled towns I know of, I feel safe in adding the rest to my list of places to visit, and I imagine that with a little exploration and willingness to listen, I could be a very well fed, very welcomed visitor.

Finally, I really have to ask, did you GO to these places, or look online and judge? Actually, regardless of the tack you took, you would have had a horrible eating experience in the places I know. No one likes an uptight snob, and why would we share our food and hospitality with you? We'd just want you out.

Sep 21, 2011
archaeogrrrl in Features