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Cocktail Bar in Brooklyn

Thanks. I had already come across the Hideout, but was convinced it was something else. Perhaps, I'm misleading myself at this point...

Mar 29, 2009
nyctreal in Outer Boroughs

Cocktail Bar in Brooklyn

In the last month or two I recall reading something somewhere about a bar that has recently opened in Brooklyn (possibly Ft. Greene) that isn't a natural storefront where you have to kind of pass around the side or back to gain entry. It was said to be relatively small and still getting it's legs under itself.

I know it's rather vague but I've been searching all over and can't seem to find anything that will jog my memory more completely. Might anyone have any idea what I'm talking about, what the name of the place is or where I can find it?

Mar 28, 2009
nyctreal in Outer Boroughs

Brunch around Washington Heights?

I haven't been for brunch, and I imagine it would be considered rather pricey relative to the rest of the neighborhood, but there is always New Leaf Cafe in Fort Tryon Park near the Cloisters. Has anyone tried 107 West on 187th Street off of Fort Washington? I haven't been there either, but would imagine it would pass muster.

Jun 19, 2008
nyctreal in Manhattan

Driving thru Vermont to Mondial Beer Fest in MTL

I appreciate all of your recs, even if I haven't said anything up until now to show it. I've been busy doing my research and I think I've just about finalized my plans for anyone who's interested. And of course even though I say 'finalized' I probably wouldn't be posting them here unless I wasn't looking for more suggestions.

Sunday, Day One:
-People's Pint, Greenfield, MA
-McNeill's Brewery, Brattleboro
-Staying at Fort Dummer State Park

Monday, Day Two:
-Farmers Dinner, Quechee (although other threads have led me to believe this stop might be better of skipped)
-Jasper Murdoch's Alehouse at the Norwich Inn, Norwich
-Cabot Creamery
-Long Trail
-Staying at Branburry State Park (still looking around for dinner)

Tuesday, Day Three
-Otter Creek/Wolaver's
-American Flatbread, Burlington for lunch
-Alchemist, Waterbury
-Hen of the Wood, Waterbury for Dinner (thanks biggirlco)
-Staying at Little River State Park

Wednesday, Day Four:
-Stopping somewhere in Stowe for a quick bite/breakfast
-Willow Hill Farm, Milton
-Allenholm Farm, South Hero for pies
-Boucher Family Farm/Green Mountain Blue Cheese, Highgate Center
-->Montreal or bust...

Farmers Diner, VT

Coincidently, I have just finished reading Barbara Kingsolver's book, "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" while in the midst of planning a 3 day trip through Vermont en route to Montreal to sample as many great beers, cheeses and locally inspired meals as are possible. Stemming from what Kingsolver had to say about this place, I was looking forward to stopping in for breakfast and even somewhat planned part of my travels around it. I've already posted other threads looking for suggestions on where to stop otherwise, and I think my plans are just about finalized (and soon to be posted to the other thread -, but reading over all of this commentary gives me pause about eating here.

I read through (or at least skimmed over) everything that has been said and it is clear that I probably shouldn't come here, and certainly not plan my trip around it. However, every post is at this point several months old. I'm hoping that a place as well publicized as this spot would have the opportunity to turn it around and drastically improve. Has any one been more recently that can speak to that? Or should I just go ahead and make alternative plans?

May 20, 2008
nyctreal in Northern New England

Driving thru Vermont to Mondial Beer Fest in MTL

A friend and I are driving from Eastern Pennsylvania up to Montreal for the week following Memorial Day. We're taking the detour through Vermont (and possibly Western CT and MA as well), both on the way there and back. We know of all the great beer destinations (breweries and brewpubs) that we intend to stop at, but I'm hoping for some help on the culinary side of things. Any places worth trekking well off the beaten path for? Our thoughts are to work our way up one side of the state, and back down the other side. We don't mind paying a bit more for a special meal if it's worth it, but are generally just looking for good, clean, fair, fresh, and local options a la Slow Food. Thanks in advance.

NJ Craft Beer Restaurant Week

If any one is curious, I ended up going to Elysian in Hoboken. Apparently, they generally do not do anything special with their beers, nor do they even sell any of the beers that they use to match up in the pairings. I found pairings to be decent, however I was rather unimpressed with the food. Don't get me wrong, it was more than edible, but it was also nothing special. It was a very appetizing menu that just seemed to fall through once it was delivered. The ravioli in the first course was a little to undercooked to qualify as 'al dente'. And from there on out it all just seemed like something was lacking, and was a bit uninspired overall. Certainly nothing stood out as memorable. For me, the trip from Northern Manhattan, plus the $50 meal, plus tax and tip, wasn't worth the occasion for what ammounted to what feels as an upscale gimmick.

I had good company, was able to explore a new place without running into anyone I knew, and managed to view the lunar eclipse along with some stars, something I don't think would have been fully possible in the city.I stopped in at Mile Square on my way to the PATH afterwards and they didn't seem to have a clue what the craft beer menu was that I had asked about. After much searching, they presented us with the general menu specials of the day. It did seem like a nice enough place to have a brew though with by far the best tap beer selection of any bar I encountered while exploring about in Hoboken.

NJ Craft Beer Restaurant Week

I just got wind that a local distributor is sponsoring several Hoboken and Jersey restaurants to put together special beer tasting menus this week coming up. Having never eaten out in either city I don't know where to start. I probably only have time and money to partake in the offerings of just one of these places. Without looking at the specific menus that each may or may not have posted online, I was wondering if any one had specific recs of which one I should make a point of setting a reservation at. The list is below and the website for the themed week is linked here (


Last, but not least, my birthday is this Friday. Do you think any of these places would be particularly well suited (more so than the rest) to hosting such an event dinner?

Hudson Tavern – 51 14th Street – 201-798-1117 –
The Melting Pot – 100 Sinatra Drive - 201-222-1440 –
Amanda’s – 908 Washington Street – 201-798-0101 –
Elysian Café – 1001 Washington Street – 201-798-5898 –
Gaslight – 400 Adams Street – 201-217-1400 –
Hoboken Four L’s – 208 Washington Street - 201-876-8500 –
Mile Square – 221 Washington Street – 201-420-0222

Jersey City:
Ox – 176 Newark Avenue – 201-860-4000 – – not open Mondays
Triumph – 85 Morris Street – 201-209-1717 –
LITM – 140 Newark Avenue – 201-536-5557 -
Skinners Loft – 146 Newark Avenue - 201-915-0600 –
South City Grill – 70 Pavonia Avenue – 201-610-9225 –

NZ Recs for a NYC Beer explorer

Thank you all for your suggestions, I'm off to start the trip tomorrow. If you're interested, the plan calls for a night stop in Auckland to get my bearings where I hope to stop in at Galbraiths and Shakespeare. On southerly to the festival and their local brews and then more so to Dunedin for Emerson's and the general pub environment of the town. After that is Wanaka where I am told there is a very relaxed setting for a smaller brewery, and then into Christchurch where my plane leaves from.

It sounds like Nelson would be good but I expect to try most of their stuff at the Blenheim festival, and I'm sure throughout the country there are a number of other great bets that I just won't have the time to coordinate.

I'll update this board when I get back if I discover anything new to add to the collection.

Breweries to Visit in New Zealand

Thanks for the heads up on Shakespeare. I have but one night in Auckland before continuing on South, so I'll try to check them out. I know there is another Brewpub in town there as well that starts with an A, the exact name is eluding me at the moment.

As for your stouts quandary, I had Emerson's while I was in Melbourne in March and thought it filled the void quite nicely. I don't remember the exact name, but I know that their Bourbon Porter is remarkable as well and stands up extremely well to American versions of the style.

Jan 28, 2008
nyctreal in Beer

Breweries to Visit in New Zealand

I'm headed to NZ (mostly South Island) for the Brew, Blues and BBQ Festival in Blenheim next week. I'll probably discover a couple of favorites while there, but I'm wondering if anyone thought that there are a couple of breweries or brewpubs that I should go out of my way to visit in the flesh?

Jan 23, 2008
nyctreal in Beer

NZ Recs for a NYC Beer explorer

I'm planning on going to the Brew Blues and BBQ Festival in Blenheim on February 2nd. I'm still trying to decided where I will go before and after the festival as I travel in and out of the country. I'm hoping I can tie in a couple of amazing meals to compete with what will surely be fond memories of the beer. Does anyone have any thoughts on a couple of can't miss beers, foods, or destinations (culinary and/or scenic)?

Where to buy Westvleteren in Brussels?

Back in July I found it at a great place called 400 Bieres Artisanales at Chaussee de Wavre 174-176 for €12 a bottle

Jan 07, 2008
nyctreal in Europe

Cappadocia Restaurants

Re: Nyleve

Several months later, but do you recall the name of this hotel with the great chef on hand in house? I'm hoping to head to that area, and it would cut out a good deal of leg work if I knocked out both a great place to stay and to eat in one go....

Nov 21, 2007
nyctreal in Europe

Planning a week in Turkey

I'm sorry to respond to your suggestions so much later than the time it took you both to answer my original request. I've just been trying to do some reading and talk to more people so I'm a little more knowledgeable about where I'm hoping to go and the food, such that your suggestions don't fall on deaf (dumb) ears. I also am going to take your suggestions very true to heart as you've essentially recommended that exact same places (and same deterrent reasons as a friend). I'm currently debating how much my quest for food weighs against my desire for personal safety...

That being said I unfortunately only have about a week for my trip. I will arrive on Monday morning, November 26th, and leave on Sunday, December 1st. I think the current plan is to spend a couple of days in Istanbul exploring, and then go to Cappadocia. Outside of looking for this restaurant whose name escapes you, do you have any other specific spots I should seek out, or anyway in or along the way to Cappadocia?

Thanks again for your suggestions, and if I can find the place you speak of, I'll certainly get back to you upon my return with a full report, and a name...

Nov 21, 2007
nyctreal in Europe

Planning a week in Turkey

I just found out that I am going to join a friend at the end of her business trip and spend the last week of November (25th-Dec. 1st) in Turkey. I have yet to do any planning/research into my travels, but am hoping to structure it all around food. Arriving and departing from Istanbul, but am expecting to only spend a day or two there. I'd really like to get out and see at least some part of the rest of the country. Does anyone have any suggestions of the must-have/must-sees for a couple of folks on a more moderate budget?

Nov 12, 2007
nyctreal in Europe

Denver for Great American Beer Festival

Speaking of cheaper eats, I recall reading an article about a lunch spot that opened up somewhere close to downtown where the patrons work off their meals by doing dishes, etc. Outside of the costs, I read that the food was rather inventive and tasty. Problem is that I have no idea where I read it and therefore no idea of where to start looking for the place. Any ideas of what it might be?

I'm coming in for the festival as well with a couple of friends from Montreal. But we're in town for the Thursday and Friday sessions and can hopefully partake in more of the business week lunch spots. I went last year as well, and stumbled upon Illegal Pete's in the after hours. I've got to say that it certainly hit the spot after spending several hours downing beer with nothing to eat. I'm not sure I'd recommend it for other occasions as I'm sure there is better, but it did the trick late night.

Oct 01, 2007
nyctreal in Southwest

Westchester Restaurant Recs

My older sister took driver's ed back in high school and somehow managed to coax the DMV into giving her a license. How, I don't know. She was never comfortable driving and hasn't been behind the wheel more than once or twice in the many years since. She essentially is a brand new driver.

That being said, she would like me to reteach her how to drive. We both live in Manhattan, but don't think that it would be prudent to conduct these lessons anywhere in our vicinity, at least not to start. It just so happens that her birthday is next week as well. I am looking for suggestions somewhere in Westchester or Northern New Jersey where I can take her one day after work next week and she can drive around, ideally in an area with not too much traffic and perhaps a large parking lot nearby.

You may be wondering what any of this has to do with chowhound, or food at all. Here's the twist, I'd like the ultimate destination of our outing to be a nice birthday dinner for her. She doesn't eat seafood and isn't big on large cuts of meat, so any steakhouses and/or fish joints are out of the question. It doesn't need to be anything formal, although that wouldn't be a bad thing, and ideally it isn't terribly expensive or more than about 45 mins drive from the city.

I know this is a very specific request, but otherwise I have no idea where to start looking. I greatly appreciate any direction you can point me...