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Soaking Nuts?

I've just done some research about soaking nuts and it turns out that it is pretty important if you eat a lot of nuts or want to give your pancreas a break. There is a naturally occuring compound in nuts that protects it in nature, it doesn't dissipate by roasting, only by soaking for 6 to 12 hours, ever heard of sprouted grains? Well, they're not actually sprouted, they're soaked to dissipate that compound so your pancreas doesn't have to work overtime producing enzymes to digest that compound, which can enlarge your pancreas causing permanent damage over time. I've tried it, not only are the nuts incredibly delicious, but I know that I am doing something good for my pancreas, if that matters to you. I googled "soaking nuts" and found a website with different topics, one of which was titled "give your pancreas a break".

Jun 18, 2011
lovefoodmore in Home Cooking