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gift certificate for vegetarian semi-foodie?

You have all made such a persuasive case that I want to fly to the West Coast and try Ubuntu myself! But my sister gets really stressed out when she drives (I mean REALLY stressed out), and I feel like it would significantly detract from the evening. So Aziza? Millenium? I was also looking at Oliveto, which seemed to have a decent number of veg options.

And she lives in Oakland, but SF is fine. Traveling might make it more special, as long as it doesn't involve a car.

gift certificate for vegetarian semi-foodie?

Thanks for your suggestions, everyone. Ubuntu sounds great, though I wish it were closer. I'd kind of like to give her the chance to go out and relax one evening after working on papers, meaning that I might want something a little more convenient.

And it doesn't have to be ALL vegetarian, just wanted somewhere where she would have at least a couple of options.

gift certificate for vegetarian semi-foodie?

I want to give my sister a gift certificate to a nice restaurant for Christmas. She's a grad student, so she's kind of broke, and I want her to be able to try a restaurant that there's a buzz about, but that she wouldn't be able to afford on her own. She hangs out with foodies and they talk about the local sources of ingredients and stuff like that. But the place doesn't need to be super-fancy, just delicious. Other criteria: she is a vegetarian. Also, if the place has fancy imaginative cocktails, that would be nice. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help!

Garden Cafe, Prospect Heights/Brooklyn?

I'm pretty sure it's closed. I saw it for sale on a real estate website.

Mar 15, 2009
lanamonster in Outer Boroughs

Looking for authentic Swiss

I was there in the summer. Luxia did not go out of business, they combined in kind of an odd way. They have some of the dishes that used to be available at Mont Blanc, but they also have a whole other menu which is the Luxia menu. It was fine, but did not have the idiosyncratic character that Mont Blanc had in its old space.

Nov 03, 2007
lanamonster in Manhattan

Can't remember name of shop/bakery in Spanish Harlem owned by North African?

I'm pretty sure this is it: La Tropezienne, 2131 First Ave @ 109th street (it's on menupages, too)

Oct 19, 2007
lanamonster in Manhattan

GODFATHER style Italian restaurant

This is not in brooklyn, but John's Italian on E12th street in manhattan actually really matches this description. The waiter there told me that they filmed some scene in the Sopranos there, due to the atmosphere-inducing table full of drippy candlewax. There is a surprising neighborhood vibe for a place in this area of manhattan.

Oct 18, 2007
lanamonster in Outer Boroughs

Casa for Brazilian?

Don't think it's really authentic, but I had good Brazilian at Esperanto in Alphabet City (Ave. C/9th street I think). Definitely not as meat-centric as most Brazilian I've had. They had lots of fish dishes. Went with a birthday party so got to try lots of things, and all of them were pretty good.

Sep 09, 2007
lanamonster in Manhattan

Looking for authentic Swiss

Mont Blanc is not really there any more. They sort of combined with an italian-ish restaurant across the street called Luxia. They still have really good fondue, but the vibe is not at all the same.

Sep 03, 2007
lanamonster in Manhattan

Where to buy really fresh clams?

they often have clams at the fish stand at the Farmer's Market in Union Square.

Jun 18, 2007
lanamonster in Manhattan

Quick, Cheap, Good Food Near Port Authority?

Pam Real Thai, 49th and 9th. Spicy, yummy, quick, and cheap

Jun 06, 2007
lanamonster in Manhattan

57th St & 6th Ave - Casual to "midscale" dinner recs please

I like breakfast at the branch of Pain Quotidien, at 58th st and 7th ave

Apr 23, 2007
lanamonster in Manhattan

Spicy Ethnic in Manhattan

Pam Real Thai on 49th and 9th ave makes things very spicy if you give them a little encouragement. Specifically, they have some fried catfish dish which is really hot.

Apr 16, 2007
lanamonster in Manhattan

Clinton hill CSA- how big is the box?

You get a lot of veggies, if you want them. The pick up point is at a school, and when you get there there is a list posted detailing what each person is allowed to take for the week, and you fill up your own box or bag. If you don't want something, just don't take it. Usually, you get TONS of greens and other kind of unusual veggies, and not as much as you might like of the popular things like tomatoes, corn, etc. It's a lot for one person, but again, you don't have to take it all. You might want to consider splitting the share with a friend. For me, it was fun to learn to be creative with the new veggies I encountered, and of course to support locally grown food.

Apr 12, 2007
lanamonster in Outer Boroughs

all you can eat mussels at chez oskar?

As of about a month ago, they still have this special, and yes, it's on tuesdays. They have other specials on other days, like they have a discount on bottles of wine, and some other one I think.

Apr 03, 2007
lanamonster in Outer Boroughs

Bulgarian Feta Cheese

confirmed. I bought some there last week.

Mar 19, 2007
lanamonster in Manhattan

cozy coffee shop in midtown?

This may be outside of your range, but as of about a year ago, there was a cozy little cafe behind the Port Authority on 9th ave. I think they had free wireless too. I think that it was called something with "cupcake" in the name. Sorry I can't be more specific.

Mar 09, 2007
lanamonster in Manhattan

Pies n Thighs?

Pies n thighs is in Brooklyn. Williamsburg. I haven't been there.

Mar 08, 2007
lanamonster in Manhattan

I accidently bought fresh basil inst of culantro >>what to do with it?

You can just throw it into a salad. It adds a lot. Or chop it up and put in a dressing with vinegar, olive oil, a little garlic, etc.. It's really yummy. Put it on a sandwich with mozzarella, prosciutto, tomato. I make a risotto recipe with corn, basil,and tomato, but I guess you might not be so into that if you don't like carbs. Make a pizza with fresh basil. Thai rice noodle dishes and also beef with basil (and chilis), tofu with basil, etc.

Feb 17, 2007
lanamonster in Home Cooking

Flavoured Stovetop Popcorn

It's kind of an acquired taste, but I've acquired it...nutritional yeast (what vegans eat all the time from the health food store) and a little oil. Plus salt, of course.

Feb 13, 2007
lanamonster in Home Cooking

New Beer bar on 4thAve, Brooklyn

4th ave pub has a wide selection of fancy beer, but what's even better is that they're 2 for 1 (until I think maybe 8?). And free popcorn. And it is right across from Cherry Tree.

Jan 21, 2007
lanamonster in Outer Boroughs

Anyone know of a good fondue place?

I really like Mont Blanc. It's not at all trendy or fashionable, it's kind of a place that time forgot, but the food is really good, although I think I've only had apps and the beef fondue. Ooh, and chocolate, rich and dark and really good. The cheese is really smelly-strong. You get more food than you could ever eat. And it's quiet and cozy and I want to go now that I'm reminded of it. But really, it depends what you are looking for, as the slightly musty ambiance probably is not to everyone's taste.

Jan 10, 2007
lanamonster in Manhattan

Fresh Pasta in Park Slope

and really delicious fresh mozzarella.

Jan 03, 2007
lanamonster in Outer Boroughs

Where can I find Bahamian food?!

I've been looking around for that for a while. Don't think there is any in the city.

Dec 30, 2006
lanamonster in Manhattan

Looking for a delicious lunch place on Court or Smith Street

I haven't been to paninoteca 275 in a while, but when I did go, they had really fresh, high quality ingredients that they turned into really yummy food. I enjoyed it very much. The owner was there and had a lot of interesting factoids to share about where she buys her ingredients. She was clearly very invested in her restaurant, and it felt good to support her enterprise. And tasty, too!

Dec 28, 2006
lanamonster in Outer Boroughs

HOT coffee /cocoa possible in NYC?

probably because everyone is always drinking coffee while running around and spilling it on other people on the train.

Dec 12, 2006
lanamonster in Manhattan

suggestions for the best mail order xmas food gifts

igourmet and some other websites have things like a cheese of the month club, wine of the month club, where they send you a sampler of items every month. This is kind of fun, because you don't just get one surprise, you get a surprise a whole bunch of times. You can just google "cheese of the month club," and you will get several hits. I gave the cheese one from igourmet as a gift, and they really enjoyed it.

Dec 09, 2006
lanamonster in Manhattan

brewery tours in western mass.

My dad is really hard to buy Christmas presents for. But he does like beer. I was thinking of giving him a gift certificate for a brewery tour/tasting. My parents live in West Brookfield, Mass., equidistant from Worcester, Springfield, and Amherst. Does anyone know of any breweries in Central Mass that gives tours? Thanks!

Pizza w/good italian food between Penn station & Rockerfeller Center?

And it's nice because it's in an old church so it has a stained glass ceiling. It's on 44th st.

Dec 04, 2006
lanamonster in Manhattan

Bay Scallops?

The 2 and 3 stop at grand army plaza, at the opposite end of the big traffic circle. You then have to walk half-way around the circle til you get to the entrance to Prospect Park. However, the 2 and 3 have been doing funny stuff on the weekends, and the market is only open on Saturdays, so ask before you get on the train. You can also take the Q or B to 7th ave, but it's a bit of a walk from there. I'm pretty sure that the fisherman also has a stand at the Farmer's market in Tribeca on Sat., so that might be more convenient.

Nov 22, 2006
lanamonster in Manhattan