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"Family style" Italian in Calgary?

I've done family style at Mercato as well and it is pretty good.

May 08, 2011
Catch22 in Prairie Provinces

Sushi Kitchen info? (Quarry Park Calgary)

I also second Ichizen. I eat there often as well as take out regularly. Sushi is always great. Given the review below of the joint in Quarry Park, Ichizen may be worth the extra 2 minutes down Deerfoot.

Dec 29, 2010
Catch22 in Prairie Provinces

Mi Tierra Tu Taqueria-Calgary

I stopped in to the new location for lunch on Friday afternoon after reading the reviews on here over the past few years. I still had not had a chance to visit the original location, but since the new location is quite close to my office I thought I would step in.

Hands down the best Mexican food I've had in Calgary, and it rates up there with some of the best Mexican I've had period.

I had the Enchiladas Verde and it was absolutely perfect. The Verde was just tangy enough and balanced by the bite in the salsa. Considering it was their first lunch open it was quite busy which gave me an opportunity to see quite a few other dishes as they went by me to other tables. The burritos look great (and big!) - I can't wait to come back and try all of the other items on the menu. I think the tacos pastor will be up next for me.

Dianne was very nice and asked how I heard of them and I said Chowhound. She nodded with a kind of "Wow - another Chowhounder" expression which leads me to beleive that they have amassed a pretty loyal following on this board. Way to go everyone! This is the kind of support that local establishments like this need!

It's great to have another spot to add into my lunch rotation and I'm already looking forward to the next trip.

Feb 01, 2010
Catch22 in Prairie Provinces

Meez Fast Cuisine (McKenzie Towne) - Has anyone tried this place?

Yup - this is right around the corner from my house. As was already pointed out, this is a sister store to the Mis En Place location in Lakeview.

They have a good selection of fresh and frozen entrees and appetizers as well as a good selection of some specialty dried goods, oils and vinegars. They also have a small selection of some hardware (serving dishes, cheese plates, glasses etc...) for the person who needs supplies.

The food is quite tasty I found, my only complaint is that it is rather pricey. My favorite so far is Spolumbos Mac N' Cheese. They also have a spiced halibut that is very good (but again, pricey). The Thai Chicken Phyllo bites are also very good as are the Crab Cakes for appetizers. If I recall, I also think they sell fresh stock and demi at this location as well.

If you're lucky enough to go there when Judy is there - she's awesome (so is everyone else, but Judy's my favorite).

Oct 27, 2009
Catch22 in Prairie Provinces

Anyone hear anything about O in Marda Loop?

New restaurant going in beside the Belmont. last time I drove by it said opening soon. Is it open yet?

Dec 17, 2008
Catch22 in Prairie Provinces

Taco Del Mar-5th Ave Place Calgary

There's been one open in the south side of Calgary for almost a year and can't say I was impressed. Even for fast food, my one and only trip there was pretty bad - the food just was not good (like sub-Taco Bell quality)
I've been thinking I might give them another try since they had just opened when I went and may have been struggling with quality. If it hasn't improved then at least I know not to waste my time and money in a TDM anywhere else.

Mar 14, 2008
Catch22 in Prairie Provinces

Team Building Exercise (food related) in Calgary

I can vouch for Fuze. A group of us did that in late January for some business meetings. There was 16 of us and it was cozy. They could easily fit a group of 20 or so. We cooked and ate our own 4 course meal and it was a great time. It was the "must do" event for our meetings. They also do a wine tasting in the restaurant. A whole separate group from our company did that while we cooked in the kitchen.

Mar 12, 2008
Catch22 in Prairie Provinces

Calgary Street Eats?

Taco Del Mar is here. There is one up and running in Southrail Crossing in the SE (Deerfoot and 130th) right next to the McDonalds. I have seen a couple others under construction, but I forget where they were. Edit - got all excited until I read the date on the original post. Being 2006 half the stuff in Southtrail Crossing (including Taco Del Mar) was not there :)

Feb 24, 2008
Catch22 in Prairie Provinces

Calgary bakeries?

I know the Glamorgan very well. My wife, both my sisters-in-law and a dozen or so of my friends used to work there when they were younger. I tell ya, I had a good deal going. My wife and I were dating when she worked there and I used to swing by, set up camp in the back and eat...and eat...and eat some more. They have a good thing going there. It's not too fancy, but it gets the job done. The cheese buns are what made them famous. My other favorites are the florentines and their cakes (with the awesome goodness that is custard layer in the middle) are great too.

A bunch of people I used to work with always raved about a place called Gunthers. I think it was in Forest Lawn. Once in a while somebody would bring in some pastries or a cake from there and it was pretty good too.

Best hot & sour soup in Calgary?

I wouldnt exactly consider myself a connaisseur (sp?), but I've had my fair share of H&S soup and I think my favorite comes from the Jade China Inn in McKenzie Towne. Its got more tang than most of the other soups I've had, plus doesn't have the same swampy aroma that you get in most H&S soups.

Oct 28, 2007
Catch22 in Prairie Provinces

Brisket in SW BC (Vancouver Area)

I'm in Calgary, so perhaps the Vancouver meat selection is a bit different so take my comments for what they are. I smoke alot of brisket and have not had any problems finding it here in Calgary. I've got them from Safeway, CO-OP and a number of butcher shops. I smoke the briskets whole, but you would be unlikely to find a whole brisket out on the shelf s(they usually separate the point and flats to make smaller briskets good for making corned beef)o I generally have to ask the meat department if they have any and usually they do. I'm not sure what you are planning on doing with the brisket, but you might want to ask for a 'packer cut' which they should have still in the cryovac from the meat packers. This should be the whole brisket (the point and the flat), have plenty of fat on it and will probably weight between 9 and 14 lbs. Since they can sell it to you right in the cryovac, they should give you a better price on it too.
Good hunting

best indian food calgary

Has anyone on the board been to the new Indian joint in Southtrail Crossing in SE Calgary (I think it's called Karma?). I live close by and have been meaning to check it out. If you've been - any recommendations for dishes?

If I'm the first to venture through the gates, I will be sure to post my expereince.

Sep 05, 2007
Catch22 in Prairie Provinces

Tommy's Burger Bar opening downtown (Cgy)

Hey all - short time lurker - first time poster.

I was at the Tommy Burger down south shortly after it opened and I can generally echo the comments here. The burgers are good, but IMO the food is slightly overpriced.