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First, I suspect tabbouleh is like meatloaf--everybody does it somewhat differently. I learned from a woman of Lebanese parentage and even thought I know most Lebanese have a heavy hand with the parsley, she used about the same ratio as your recipe. She soaked the bulgur for two hours and squeezed it dry, handful by handful. Also, she always used cinnamon and garlic salt (rather than raw garlic). She used sumac in other recipes but never tabbouleh.
As for tomatoes, I prefer them juicy because I love the flavor/sweetness of the tomatoes with the lemon--so I would never choose Romas. She would use twice as many lemons as this recipe. Finally, she never used pepper. One last thing, when I first got a food processor some years ago, I thought it would save me from all the tedious chopping but I discovered I didn't like way the processor bruised the parsley.

Jun 20, 2011
wisepam47 in Recipes