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Best eats in Perth?

Heading back to Perth for a holiday after 7 years in Canada. A little bit scared about how much money I'm going to burn through in 3 weeks (!) but am interested to know where the best restaurants and eats are now?

I've heard about Jamie Oliver's new place but have also heard that the line-up is insane. When I was living there, Must Wine Bar was one of the best as well as Balthazar's. I see on Urbanspoon they are still up there.

I'm not just looking for super high end fine dining - I'm looking for anything that's good.

Anywhere around the Fremantle, Subiaco, Mt Lawley area is preferred.

What's new and what's good?

Thanks Chowhounders!

Anyone know where I can buy raw cashews in Montreal?

Thanks Stak. I shop at PA and I was thinking they might have them too. I'll give them a call. Lagatta, the recipe is taken from and it's called a raw strawberry cheesecake. check it out! Let you know how it turns out. thanks again everyone.

Anyone know where I can buy raw cashews in Montreal?

thank you very much!

Anyone know where I can buy raw cashews in Montreal?

I am making a friend who is allergic to dairy a birthday cake but I need 3 cups of raw cashews. Anyone know where I can buy some, preferably the Plateau/Mile End area. Merci!

Has anyone tried Sparrow for dinner recently?

Pulled into Sparrow for a quick drink last night and saw that their dinner menu didn't look half bad. 4 or 5 indian curries (big fan) and not a bad price. Has anyone tried it?

Julieta Cuisine Latine

Went a couple of weeks back. We really really liked it. Same as others the cerviche was amazing. Hostess/owner had a great sense of humor to. I will def go back.

Lunch stop between Fort Lauderdale and Key West?

Hi, we're looking for somewhere to stop for lunch on the way to Key West. Preferably something very casual, seafood, on the beach where we can enjoy a drink etc. Any suggestions?

Dec 19, 2011
KANGAGIRL in Florida

Planning a Rushed Eating Tour of Portland!

do i need a reservation for Local 188 & Caiolas?

I tried to use open table for 188 but it says they are booked out for the next 8 weeks.

I then checked 8 weeks later and its still booked out lol.

58 Pine St, Portland, ME 04102

Local 188
685 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102

Planning a Rushed Eating Tour of Portland!

Ha Carlton are doing well this year! I'm from the West Coast and go for the Eagles! Footy pies are the best just dont read whats inside em.

Planning a Rushed Eating Tour of Portland!

Wow guys! Thanks everyone for the great responses. Can't wait to get there.

Planning a Rushed Eating Tour of Portland!

Hey Mid Coast.

Thanks for the detailed post i feel reassured already.

I guess im a sucker for a bad review and should stick with the law of averages :)

Bar Harbor is on the list!

You should try vegimite with VB its a great receipe for a.... bad time :)

I would kill for a sausage roll and pie from back home!

Planning a Rushed Eating Tour of Portland!

Managed to lock in reservations for Fore Street :)

I love you opentable.

Now i just need a not to expensive seafood lunch option in Portland and breakfast suggestions.

What do people think of Fore street & Bresca vs 555?

Fore Street
288 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101

Planning a Rushed Eating Tour of Portland!

Thanks for the suggestion i will try and check it out, some seaside lobster sounds great!

Do you have any suggestions for breakfast in Portland or Camden?

Have you ever been to Bresca or Primo?

111 Middle Street, Portland, ME 04101

Planning a Rushed Eating Tour of Portland!


My girlfriend and i have decided to quickly plan a 4 day trip to Portland Maine.

We are two Australians living in Montreal and this will be our first time to Maine!

When traveling we like to eat special and i was hoping someone could give me a thumbs up or down or even offer a bit of advice on our eating plan:

Day 1 - Lunch - Duckfat. I read this everywhere and after a long drive i will be hungry, steering clear of any poutine though.

Day 1 - Dinner - Bresca. Do we need to dress up? Is this as good as hear? Or is there a bit of hype?

Day 2 - Lunch - open to suggestions maybe some seafood (good quality low price - if possible).

Day 2 - Dinner - Fore Street. I don't have a reservation (arrgghh) but i read i could put my name on the door at around 5:30. If things go bad does anyone have a suggestion to replace.

Day 3 - Lunch - We plan to head up to Camden for a night so we will be close to our dinner plans. Can someone suggest a nice but not to pricey place for lunch. Either on the drive up from Portland or around the area.

Day 3 - Dinner - Primo - Heard good things and a splattering of scary 'they lost it' kind of things. I'm nervous! Should i go? I have a booking, please tell me its still great.

Day 4 - Maybe driving up to Acadia National Park. Don't know if there is anywhere around the park. Maybe a cute town with something simple for lunch. Please help.

Day 4 - Dinner - Crap drive thru food as i drive the 7 hours back to Montreal.

What do you think? I really will appreciate any little suggestion and or comment.

Thanks for reading


Fore Street
288 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101

111 Middle Street, Portland, ME 04101