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Last minute Mother's Day Brunch in Detroit Area

Looking to make a reservation for last minute Mother's day brunch (for 5 people) in Detroit, Ann Arbor, or Birmingham, MI area.

Looking for great food/atmosphere but this last minute I would choose better food over atmosphere.

Thank you!

May 10, 2013
daniellefiroozi in Great Lakes

Peanut Allergy in Beijing? Help!

I have been traveling throughout China for the past couple weeks, working on a project with a friend who is deathly allergic to peanuts. We are in Beijing now and have managed to find a handful of places that are safe to eat. I speak mandarin so it's been manageable but still difficult.

Any recommendations for good chinese restaurants that don't use peanut oil? And won't be a high risk of cross-contamination?

Here are the places we've found so far:
1. Crescent Moon
The food was safe and AMAZING. They definitely don't use peanut oil, however they have one peanut dish, but I believe the risk of cross-contamination is nonexistent to very very very low.

2. Element Fresh
Definitely safe and the taste and quality is good, if you're looking for a healthy western option.

3. Ritan Park boat restaurant
We just tried the vegetable dumplings, they were pretty good and safe. Not sure about the quality or safety of the other dishes.

4. Hotel Kapok
The breakfast buffet (and some of the a la carte dishes) is almost entirely peanut free. The hotel has been accommodating to the allergy and takes the time to point out which dishes should be avoided.

Please share restaurants you have found and I will keep updating the ones we find! Just to clarify, at each meal we've had we have been very clear about how dangerous it is for my friend to eat anything that has touched peanuts or peanut oil, I do not guarantee that any of these restaurants are 100% safe without talking to the staff.

peanut oil in china: is it number #1 cooking oil?

i am in beijing now with a friend working on a project. he is dealthy allergic to peanuts as well and it's been kind of a struggle. we've found that xinjiang restaurants have been safe. do you have any specific restaurant recommendations (for chinese food preferably) that are peanut/peanut oil free in beijing? thank you!! once our trip is over, we'll post a list of all the great peanut allergy friendly beijing places we've managed to find.