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where to buy Norwegian Brisling sardines in Vancouver

Does anyone know where to get these tasty, little, canned critters?
I am specifically looking for the Brisling variety from Norway. I have found some Scottish Brisling, but no luck yet with any from Norway.
Apparently, the Norwegian Brisling are kept in the nets long enough to empty their intestinal tracts...

Sausages to grill -- what are your favourites and why in Vancouver?

The Honey Garlic and the Lamb sausage from Santa Barbara on Commercial are also very yummy.
Good question!

Stumble Tour - Vancouver beer

You are missing St. Augustine's on Commercial Drive ( many taps of delicious, fresh micro brews!)
Definitely Alibi Room and Yaletown Brew as well. Also, Biercraft on Commercial Drive for tasty Belgium beer

Alibi Room
157 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A1B8, CA