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Seeking good "bad" Chinese-American food in the inner western burbs (Belmont / Arlington / Lexington / Watertown / Waltham, maybe Cambridge and Somerville)

Two places a little more North-ish:

Imperial Jade Garden in Wakefield. The Mandarin Reading... in Reading.

The first is a hole in the wall near the T train stop. Very short on atmosphere but great for old school good "bad" food. The second is a little more upscale but still does "bad chinese" rather well...

Mandarin Reading Restaurant
296 Salem St, Reading, MA 01867

Imperial Jade Gardens Restaurant
39 Tuttle St, Wakefield, MA 01880

"Polynesian" style Chinese restaurants

Thanks to all for the walk down memory lane. I too am originally from Mass and was searching for a "chicken finger" batter recipe.

Lived a couple towns over from the Kowloon. That was a real hoot to go there. They had a room with a tropical paradise painted on all four walls, and a section of seating set within a mock up of a sailboat, complete with mast and rigging. I also recall there where small lights in pale blue to black ceiling, to suggest the night sky. Heck of a place.

Some other places were: Weylu's - a bunch of those (including the huge one on the hill in Saugus), the Five Kitchens in Boston's China Town (with whole Peking ducks hanging behind the glass), the Imperial Jade Garden in Wakefield (a hole in the wall but quintessential NE chinese/Polynesian food).

This thread brought back some great memories. Thank you!