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Rose champagne magnums

Who's selling them right now? Anyone? Bueller? Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Lamb on the menu-who's got it?

Actually the friend wanted rabbit....I got the wrong animal! Looks delicious though :)

Lamb on the menu-who's got it?

Thanks for your input folks. When I relayed the information to the birthday person the response was, " Actually, I wanted to eat rabbit." So, I got the wrong animal. Oops.

Lamb on the menu-who's got it?

Hi folks,

Looking for a place that has a lamb dish on the menu for a birthday person who really wants some. Another member of the smallish party is ovo-lacto vegetarian but no other requirements. Thinking along the vein of Sycamore, Puritan, A&H, Spoke, West Bridge, Rendezvous, Ribelle, Giulia, Coppa, Bergamot, Oleana. That kind of vibe. I could of course google all their menus but if anyone has had a recent lamb success and guesses the dish may be on the menu till say the end of March I would greatly appreciate your input. Cheers.

The Best Falafal in Boston

Spinach falafel at Oleana. Melts in your mouth!

Cookie places

The chocolate chip cookies at Blunch near Boston Medical Center are the best I've ever had.

New Tasty Burger in Harvard Sq

I'm thrilled that they've arrived, since I'm a Cambridge resident. I sympathize for the people working at 2:15am on the weekends when the throngs of drunk undergrads are knocking down the doors. Pre emptive hats off to you.

They haven't initiated the specials yet, as I was politely informed today. It seems they have changed the recipe for the veggie burger, which is disappointing! At Fenway it's spicy, and I sheepishly don't know what the texture consisted of and I always scarfing it down so quickly out of joy that I never bothered to ask and my limited knowledge of vegetarian protein could'nt identify it. and at Harvard the spice seems to have gone, it's bland to be honest and bean based. I can't speak to the non veggie burger at this point. I really hope the Fenway veggie burger has stayed the same.

Anyone making Coquitos?

I was wondering if Vejigantes serves them, perhaps it's still a little too early but we are officially in the holiday season. Perhaps Drink?

Where to find Gjetost cheese in Boston?

Thank you Chowhounds! You never let me down.

Where to find Gjetost cheese in Boston?

Any assistance finding Gjetost cheese would be much appreciated!

Who makes the best french fries in Boston?

Russell House Tavern. I also enjoyed Marche fries back the in day when they were in the Pru.

49 Social in Downtown Crossing

I ventured in about two weeks ago and the space is quite beautiful, I must admit that I never made it to Ivy. At the time 49 Social's bar was not fully stocked, I was under the impression that they would be equipped to serve craft cocktails but there was a lack of Creme de Violette so no Aviation for me. My companion wanted standard Jameson but they didn't have a bottle.

The food was of good quality, I wasn't too hungry that day so I just nibbled on vegetable sides which were fresh, in season and prepared without an excess of oil. Dining partner dug into the burger and fries with gusto.

The chef came out and had a nice chat with us and later I happily ate a red velvet and goat cheese dessert that I believe he was experimenting with at the time before launching the final version. I prefer my cake to be a litle moister but the goat cheese had a sweet, almost caramel taste to it, and didn't leave me feeling heavy as so many traditional cheesecakes do. I also appreciated the piping design and plating, even on an experimental dish for one person.

I'll definitely visit in a month or two and see how things have progressed!

Looking for Fiddleheads in Boston area menus

Thanks everyone. Sounds like I'll be embarking on a Fiddlehead Fantasy tour of some sort due to your suggestions. Will report back!

Looking for Fiddleheads in Boston area menus

Hello everyone,

Any tips on local restos currently using fiddleheads in their dishes? My only constraint is the necessity to use public transportation.

Thank you!