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Port to pair with Stilton from Cowgirl Creamery.

As a Christmas gift for my parents, I'm considering the gift set of Cowgirl Creamery stilton and a jar of apples in honey ( I'd like to get them a bottle of port as well, but don't know which types of port pair well with cheese - late bottle vintage? tawny? ruby?

If anybody has any advice or specific recommendations ($50 is about my budget limit, but I'll consider slightly above that price point - Mom and Dad are worth it, right?), I would be very grateful.

Thank you!

Nov 25, 2008
nosestuckinbook in Wine

Everyday Eating: Restaurants you frequent

- Saveur India (in Bethesda on Wisconsin by the Trader Joe's): amazing samosas and curries.
- Quarry House Tavern (in Silver Spring): half-price burgers on Monday, am especially fond of the black n' bleu.
- Mandalay (also in Silver Spring): only been once, but return trips are inevitable.
- Lebanese Taverna (any location): kabob sampler platter.

Purchasing Rare Beers

Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits has a great selection of obscure brews, a very knowledgeable staff, and parking behind the back.


Interesting. It's well-worth the price, so much so that I almost regret deciding to cook at home instead. : )

Sunday brunch in Frederick or thereabouts.

Firestone's looks perfect, might have more non-seafood options too. I've passed by a few times and have been meaning to try, didn't know they did brunch as well. Appreciate the suggestion, Liz!

Sunday brunch in Frederick or thereabouts.

Heading out to Tarara Vineyards on Sunday with the boyfriend and his in-town-visiting mother.

I just found the notice on their website that apple-picking has ended for the year.
So, time spent apple-picking now could be spent walking around Frederick a bit before going wine-tasting (we're coming up from 270, then heading down towards Leesburg).

I did a search of previous posts for brunch spots in Frederick or the surrounding area and didn't find much, so does anybody have suggestions? Looking for something that's dressy-casual, mid-to-moderately high range in price, traditionally brunch-type stuff (nota bene: boyfriend's mother is allergic to seafood - while its smell and presence don't bother her, a menu that features only crabcakes and shrimp grits just might). The Tasting Room, unfortunately, is closed on Sundays, otherwise that would've been my first choice. Dutch's Daughter was mentioned - anybody been recently? Alternately, is there any place off of 270 worth venturing to?

Thanks in advance!

Beets and Spinach...what to do?

Two of my favorites! Salad with your bleu cheese crumbles, maybe some slivered almonds and dried cherries as well?

Oct 25, 2007
nosestuckinbook in Home Cooking

Shallot-Tarragon Jam

I have everything for this recipe but white wine vinegar - any acceptable substitutes? I have red wine, balsamic, and rice.

Oct 24, 2007
nosestuckinbook in Recipes

Best pumpkin beers this season

I finally had that twenty-two I was saving and couldn't agree with you more - this is an amazing brew! Think I might pick up a few more to have at Thanksgiving.

Oct 20, 2007
nosestuckinbook in Beer

Best pumpkin beers this season

Tried Dogfish Punkin in the bottle, liked it, then had it on draft at the local tavern and liked it even more.
Maybe because I drank a far bit of it in college, but I am quite fond of Buffalo Bill's (can't believe that it wasn't until I moved across the country that I realized that their brewpub is right near my grandma's home in California - d'oh!).
I have a twenty-two of the Weyerbacher that I'm saving, but am looking foward to.

Oct 18, 2007
nosestuckinbook in Beer

What are you drinking right now?

Night before last, I finally opened a twenty-two of Lagunitas Gonzo that I bought in late '05. Absolutely delicious, a bit sweeter than anticipated, with a very approachable roasty quality. Glad there's another bottle in the ol' beer cellar.

Oct 18, 2007
nosestuckinbook in Beer


Last year, I went to Thanksgiving dinner at Corduroy with the boyfriend and his mother. Really loved it, am thinking of doing it again this year if I decide not to cook (and if reservations are still available). They had the traditional turkey dinner, plus three or four additional entree options, and the usual appetizer choices.

breakfast in D.C.

I'm a fan of the weekend brunch at the Belga Cafe near Eastern Market - beware the inconsistent service, but oh are those green eggs worth it.

Panzanella - ingredient ideas/how to avoid mushiness

I'm planning to make panzanella later this week, taking advantage of the last summer tomatoes from the farmers' market.

I liked the Chow recipe, but wanted to know which ingredients that others have used. I have some bell peppers I'd like to roast and add in, some corn, maybe even a can of garbanzos - too much? While I want to keep it relatively simple, I also have a lot of ingredients I want to use up.

There seemed to be some disagreement in the comments to the Chow recipe about dressing. I'm inclined towards a simply prepared red-wine vinegarette, but am open to other options. Which dressings have worked well for you and which are to be avoided?

Also, any ideas or how-to's for avoiding mushiness? I'd like to make enough for main course and have some leftovers.

Thank you!

Sep 26, 2007
nosestuckinbook in Home Cooking

Sonoma Wine Bar in Cap Hill?

Went there with the boyfriend and his mother a couple months ago for dinner. Appetizers were okay, entrees were better: my spaghetti carbonara was pretty good, the boyfriend had the quail (moist and well-prepared, but pretty small portion, even for an entree) and his mother had the lamb, which was the best dish on the table. It doesn't seem to be on the current menu, however.

The wine list was deceptively extensive: when I ordered a glass of red with dinner, it took three tries before I chose something that they actually had.

Service was definitely spotty - the waiter openly admitted that he was new and didn't have a lot of experience. When the check arrived, the total seemed a little high, so we reviewed it - they included a $50 glass of wine that nobody had ordered! It took over fifteen minutes to get the waiter's attention and explain the problem, only to have him return with a revised check...that still overcharged for one of the food items. I don't recall if we were comped for anything, but the waiter did apologize.

I have to say, maybe I'm a glutton for punishment (or just some delicious lamb), but I would try Sonoma again, perhaps for lunch.

Dogfish Head Festina Peche

Really liked it the first time I had it at DFH in Maryland. Bought a 4-pack last night and wasn't as excited about it - a little flat, not as tart as before. Will give it another try before the local beer & wine store runs out.

Sep 19, 2007
nosestuckinbook in Beer

Lentil, pea, rice mix - how to prepare?

Last weekend, I found myself in a somewhat precarious situation: hungry and in the bulk food aisle at my local co-op.

One of my random finds was a mix of lentils (red, green, and black), peas (dried), and rice (basmati and long grain), but only after purchasing about two pounds of the stuff did I realize that I wasn't sure how to prepare it. Before I throw a cup or two in a pot of boiling water and cross my fingers, I thought I'd ask around for some ideas.

Thank you!

Sep 19, 2007
nosestuckinbook in Home Cooking

Brasserie Beck Food Recommendations?

Went a few months ago and split the curry apple mussels and frites, not to mention complimentary bread served at the bar, with the boyfriend - it was more than enough for both of us. So delicious, perfect with a Saison Dupont.

Favorite IPAs?

Lagunitas Maximus. Actually, I had their Imperial Red last week and, while not an IPA, it is very hoppy and delicious.

Deschutes Hop Henge and Hop Trip, though not sure if those are still available - definitely worth doing a bit of searching for.

Speakeasy Double Daddy Imperial IPA.

Bridgeport IPA.

Marin Brew Co. IPA. Also, their White Knuckle Double IPA is incredible - if you can find any at BevMo or Whole Foods or wherever you buy your microbrews, get it.

Sep 05, 2007
nosestuckinbook in Beer

how many chowhounds also homebrew?

Been homebrewing for almost two years, just finished the seventh batch (there were some breaks in between). It's a wonderful hobby.

Sep 05, 2007
nosestuckinbook in Beer

Beer-Home brewing supplies

I really like Flying Barrel in Frederick. A little far away, but their selection is great (and if you ever want to be sure if, say, a particular yeast is in stock, call ahead, they'll let you know what they have or when they're getting more) and their staff is very knowledgeable - they're always eager to check out your recipes, make suggestions, measure out ingredients (they sell hops and malt syrup in bulk, which is so much more convenient and cost effective than buying in pre-packaged), all that. Plus, lots of good dining/drinking options in Frederick, Brewer's Alley being the obvious choice.

A big plus to Maryland Homebrew in Columbia is that they are open on Sundays - perfect for those last minute brewing weekend disasters. They also have a great specialty grain selection.

Good luck and let us know what you end up brewing!