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breakfast/lunch between Louisville and Frankfort

I don't have any ideas for breakfast food, but in the east end of Louisville is one of my favorite Cuban restaurants, Havana Rumba. They're open for lunch Thursday-Sunday.

Havana Rumba:
12003 Shelbyville Rd.
Louisville KY 40243

Also near there is Peking City Bistro. Some of their dishes are run-of-the-mill Americanized Chinese food, but some of their dishes are really great.

Peking City Bistro:
12412 Shelbyville Rd
Louisville, KY 40243

May 23, 2014
Andrea_ in Kentucky & Tennessee

Suggestions for an eating tour of Chinatown

I just visited the noodle cart at the corner of Elizabeth and Hester. Today is Wednesday, so, they must be open weekdays as well.

May 14, 2014
Andrea_ in Manhattan

What I ate in Miami: Cuban, design district, moderately priced

I noticed that some posters on this board were saying that more visitors should report back on the places they went while in town. I took almost all my restaurant recommendations from this site during my trip to Miami December 17-22.

Gilbert's Food Bar
Miami Airport, terminal H-J connector
I was pleasantly surprised by this place in the food court at the airport. They serve a lot of inexpensive Cuban pastries--sweet and savory. I had a ham and cheese bun and pastelitos with chorizo and guava (two separate pastelitos!). Each item was around $2.50. The ham and cheese bun (don't remember the Spanish name) was like a flat challah roll with a small amount of filling--much smaller than a sandwich. More of a snack. The chorizo pastelito had a thin layer of dry chorizo, crumbled really small, in a puff pastry--it wasn't too much bread or too much meat; a good balance. The guava pastelito was really sugary, with probably not the most homemade of fillings, but it tasted great with the saltier items. Considering it's in an airport, I give the service, price, food, and menu selection an A!

La Esquina del Lechon
I actually came here twice for dinner, because it was close to my hotel. We had a Lechon Asado for only around $11, and a mixed grill plate for around $19. Everything was very solid. And I liked it much better than La Carreta. It's not a fancy place at all, but the food was totally fresh. Also, instead of bread, they brought chicharrones (crispy fried pork belly) which was highly exciting.

My Ceviche
Miami Beach
Really small portions for the price!

BLT Steak at the Betsy Hotel
Miami Beach
We had desserts here at 2 p.m. because we were still hungry after My Ceviche. It's quite expensive, but you definitely DO get what you pay for. The crepe souffle with passionfruit sauce was a surprisingly big portion, and a crowd pleaser with my vacationmates. I'd been to the NYC location of BLT Steak a couple of times, so I was prepared for something very high quality, and they delivered.

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink
Design District(?)
This place seems like the Chez Panisse of Miami. For three people we had two salads, a spaghetti, a chicken entree, and two desserts. I think my favorite thing was the butter lettuce salad with hazelnuts (around $11). The dressing had a complex flavor and all the elements were of the highest quality it seemed. The chicken unfortunately was a bit bland, even though the waiter pitched it to us as one of their most special entrees.

Bella Luna at the Aventura Mall
I came here to meet up for lunch with a friend who lives near here. Needless to say this was not a Chowhound recommendation. The portions were ridiculously huge and the prices were very high ($16 for a pasta, ~$25 for a meat entree. remember we're in a mall). The atmosphere was quite fancy which seems out of place in a mall. Plus, as a vacationer, traditional Italian food is not what I'm interested in when I could have Cuban/Latin food or seafood specific to the region.

La Carreta
Near Doral/Hialeah
See above. We had a rather unexciting Tres Leches cake dessert and a beef roast "stuffed with chorizo" (only a couple bites)--seemed sort of cafeteria-esque.

Blue Collar
We had a latke appetizer, a vegetarian plate, and "the big ragout sandwich" which was a beef brisket and italian sausage sandwich with cheese. I loved it--I'm not a fan of sandwiches generally but this was more like a huge pile of barbecue with bread around it. The vegetables and latkes also were all really well-considered--not too plain, but not overly flavored or fussed-with. If I lived in Miami, I'd take people here all the time, because it's cool and hip but also appropriate for square old people as well. (Though it's pretty loud in the dining room.)

Harry's Pizza
Design District
For dinner at 8 p.m. on a Friday night, it was pretty deserted! The food was great though. We came here because the waiter at Michael's told us that Michael owns this pizzeria. This was another place with cool decor and tattooed waiters, but not too alternative of a place for your parents. We had a fish of the day for $21 that came with roasted squash, tomatoes, and eggplant and salmoriglio (a citrus/herb paste or sauce). It was excellent, and better I thought than the chicken for $23 we had at Michael's Genuine.

Buena Vista Deli
Design District
I came by here in the afternoon for some pastries, because I'd read so much on Chowhound. Not sure what the hype is all about.

Huahua Taqueria
Miami Beach
I was in the mood for some Mexican food, as there is NONE of it in Pittsburgh where I live now, and even though I'd seen written on this board that Miami doesn't have any good Mexican food, I took this recommendation off Yelp. Though the portions were kind of small for the price (probably because of location in Miami Beach?) everything was quite good. I had a beef enchilada with a lemon cream sauce on top and it was very fresh tasting, not your average unremarkable tex-mex stuff. It took forever to come out of the kitchen, though. For dessert I had a strawberries and cream paleta which was great, but sort of expensive at $3.

As an out of towner, I noticed that all the restaurants were serving cheesecake, from $3 cheesecake at La Carreta to $12 goat cheese cheesecake with poached pears and pistachios at Michael's Genuine Food and Drink.

Ginger Chicken Jook (Rice Porridge)

I recommend this recipe. When I make it, I cook two hardboiled eggs separately, cut them up, and stir them in at the end. This recipe freezes ok too, except for the egg part. So if I'm freezing some, I'd set that aside before adding eggs.

Aug 25, 2013
Andrea_ in Recipes

A New Beans Thread

I have purchased Rancho Gordo brand beans at the San Francisco Ferry Building farmers market (Saturday mornings) a couple of times. I think what makes them worth the money is they have varieties that you never see anywhere else. I recently boiled some plain Tepary beans which I got there, and they tasted pretty interesting even without any spices added. Sort of like baked beans but not sweet. I was also happy with some speckled dark red beans with pale speckles.

Dec 03, 2012
Andrea_ in Home Cooking

Alinea reservation

Hey guys, just checking that this information is still correct as of July 2012?

Jul 12, 2012
Andrea_ in Chicago Area

Ethnic and Cultural Festivals Summer/Fall 2012

Is it normal for non-Brazilians to go to these?

May 31, 2012
Andrea_ in Greater Boston Area

Chun Liu Chicken? What is it?

I went back to Great Wall. On the menu, the Chun Lu dishes all had the character for chuan as in Sichuan in the Chinese name. According to Wikipedia, Sichuan Province is short for "Si chuan Lu". Not sure how that squares with"Cantonese Wok".

May 20, 2012
Andrea_ in Greater Boston Area

Suggestions on Authenic Chinese food!

Can someone please recommend a Cantonese restaurant in Boston or Metrowest?

I've been to a lot of the Chowhound-recommended Sichuan and Taiwanese places but I want to try some of the other regional cuisines of China.

Apr 16, 2012
Andrea_ in Greater Boston Area

Where can i find BISCOFF spread??

I saw it yesterday at the Stop n Shop in Allston by the Pike. Next to the peanut butter and Nutella.

Mar 01, 2012
Andrea_ in Greater Boston Area

One of the Kind - Super 88 Allston

Other pertinent information-- they deliver, (617) 254-5111

Jan 22, 2012
Andrea_ in Greater Boston Area

One of the Kind - Super 88 Allston

NBD, I just went there.

Sunday - Thurs, 11am - 10pm
Friday and Saturday, 11am - 11pm
Closed Tuesday

Jan 22, 2012
Andrea_ in Greater Boston Area

One of the Kind - Super 88 Allston

Thanks a lot for posting the menu. Do you recall the hours? (Besides closed Tuesday)

Jan 22, 2012
Andrea_ in Greater Boston Area

Chun Liu Chicken? What is it?

I asked a waitress at Great Wall in Bedford, MA (a suburb of Boston). She said Chun Liu means "Cantonese Wok" in Chinese. We ordered it (with chicken) and it was like a spicy chicken and broccoli dish, except the broccoli was arranged around the outside of the dish, with no sauce on it--only the meat had sauce. (It was your average "brown" Chinese food sauce, but a bit spicy.)

It's definitely true that ethnic foods within the U.S. have regional varieties. For example, in the midwest where I'm from, you don't often see Scallion Pancake on the menu, but here in the Boston area, it's extremely common not only to Chinese but to other Asian restaurants.

Oct 13, 2011
Andrea_ in Greater Boston Area

Seeking good "bad" Chinese-American food in the inner western burbs (Belmont / Arlington / Lexington / Watertown / Waltham, maybe Cambridge and Somerville)

Just for the record, I grew up eating those crispy fried noodles, intended to go into soup like croutons, in Louisville, KY. (In the 1990s, 2000s.) So it's not purely a New York regional dish.

Jun 10, 2011
Andrea_ in Greater Boston Area