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Basic Steamed Blue Crabs

@PommeDeGuerre - nicely put! All I can say about this is you've stir some ire in the crab lovers on this recipe (and posts). Me, being of Asian decent - prefer eating my crab with home made chili sauce (fresh chili peppers, garlic, lime, fishsauce and cilantro) along with small portion of jasmine rice. There's no wrong way to eat crab. Just enjoy it the way you like it.

Jun 14, 2012
GokuPug in Recipes

Mold and Fungus in Mulch

Hi there, I'm having issue with mold and fungus growing in the mulch in my flower bed. The extra rain that we have in the Northeast is not helping the matter any. Not sure how to get rid of them. Any advice on this is very much appreciated.

Sep 01, 2011
GokuPug in Gardening

Fish Sauce, do you find it overpowering?

The brand you've bought is considered the best of fish sauce. However, with my SE Asian background I still find fishsauce very offensive. I substitute most of my recipe with the light soy sauce when I'm able. I'm not giving anyone a plug for their business but Healthy Boy Brand Soy Sauce with Mushroom is the brand that I use (most asian grocer carry them). I use fishsauce only in recipe that can't be substitute with soy sauce like papaya salads. I think it's OK for substitute your case (the Ban Mi recipe). Good luck & happy cooking!

Jul 27, 2011
GokuPug in General Topics

Black beauty eggplants not so black...

You know I have the same problem with pepper plant purchased from Lowe's. Suppose to be Banana peppers but turned out to be Bell peppers. They do have problems with labeling, it seems.

Also, I got some eggplant for my garden (from my mom) but turned out to be the variety that I didn't care for much. I let it continued (a bit disappointed) but found some people who appreciated and take them since it's a rare Thai variety. You really have to have acquired taste for it. Also, I've discovered that I did not mind them so much after eating them several times. After all, they're the fruite of my labor. I need to be more careful next year with my plant selections.

Jul 26, 2011
GokuPug in Gardening

Dying Pepper Plant

Yes, the plants are in full sun. My sister visited over the weekend. She suggested that the issue may be the condition of the soil. I neglect to mention in my earlier post that some manure and lime was added to the soil when I tilled up the garden. I didn't realize that there's a waiting period (of the whole 2-3 months) before putting the plants in the ground. Aside from the dying peppers, others seem to thrive. Live and learn in gardening 101.

I am also cutting down on the watering. I have been considering the earthboxes for peppers and other herbs. I've been hearing good things about them from my co-workers.

Thank you and happy gardening :-)

Jul 06, 2011
GokuPug in Gardening

Dying Pepper Plant

OK, I've become a serial murderer of pepper plants. I am persistence to get it right but we've been through three rounds of pepper plants in the last month and a half. I tilled up a plot for gardening this past spring and planted different variety of thai basil, egg-plant and tomatoes. All are doing well except for the peppers (banana peppers and Thai peppers same fate). They appeared to be thriving then wilted couple of weeks later for some strange reason (they all get a good soaking drink once a day everyday). Help! Does anyone has this problem?

Jul 01, 2011
GokuPug in Gardening

Growing Cilantro

It's better to re-seed them. Once the feathery leaves starts, the flavor is now different. Just a side note, roots can be crush up and use as marinade for meat when grilling (it has an intense flavor). I grow my own cilantro since the grocer now trim off the roots.

Jun 15, 2011
GokuPug in Gardening

Has anyone grown Kaffir lime plant/tree?

My mother grows and sells them. She gave the kafir plant to a friend several years back and it grew to be about 4-5 ft. in the pot. We had a good laugh when she saw it a few years later full of thorns and told him he could have just clip it (yep. simple as that! according to my mother). We were all kind of used to the scratch and cuts from moving this plant in and out of the house when the season changes. If someone is looking to purchase this plant, try and find a Thai community. As they can point you to the right direction. Caution, they can be a bit pricey.

Jun 10, 2011
GokuPug in Gardening