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ISO Chinois

Thank you both for the suggestions. I will probably hit them up this weekend.

ISO Chinois

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a not too expensive chinois kit, with the dowel and tripod.

I was at Monas on Park 3-4 weeks ago and they had 2-3 models but no dowel and no tripod.

Someone told me they bought theirs at Rona in the canning section years ago, and a quick search on their online catalogue came back negative (same for Canadian Tire).

I would prefer to pick it up locally and I have a car so anywhere on the island is fine.

Thank you.

where to purchase almond paste (not marzipan) in Montreal?

I am almost certain I saw the Caraibes, plus another dark chocolate. Also the Caramelia (which if anyone is considering buying, I suggest a small bar to try first, I didn't like it at all), as well as the white chocolate. I don't recall seeing any milk chocolate.

where to purchase almond paste (not marzipan) in Montreal?

Alright then, I know I've seen the Lubecker/Lubeca brand around town and they have a 52% and 66% product. It is written both marzipan and almond paste on the package which only adds to the confusion.

Memory is fuzzy but I think I saw it at Sucré Salé on Mont-Royal, the chocolate store opposite Havre-aux-Glaces at Atwater Market, and I believe I saw the 66% at Aubut.

where to purchase almond paste (not marzipan) in Montreal?

Sorry, I was replying to Glaff.

Anyway, can someone precise what they mean by true almond paste? I know in French both product are usually referred to as pâte d'amandes, even though almond % can vary from 25 to 60+%.

where to purchase almond paste (not marzipan) in Montreal?

Aubut has a quite a bit of pastry/desserts items, but the quantities are often very large. Last time I was there I found:
glucose (45$/9lb tub)
isomalt (have to special order at the counter)
praline paste (4-5lb tub)

Chocolate selection is alright, they have a few Valrhonas, some Callebaut, and some Cacao Barry, I dont remember the other brands.

They also have their whole catalogue online so I usually check there before I go for a particular item.


I picked up some stone-ground white corn meal at Aubut not too long ago.

Black Garlic in Montreal

I've seen it at Milano a few times. Call ahead because they don't always have it.

Where to get (100%) chicory coffee in or near La Petite Patrie (H2S 2N5)?

I believe I saw some at Milano but I'm not certain.

Where can I find a 5 kg jar of Nutella in Montreal?

I was at Aubut this Sunday and I did not see the 5kg jars but I saw some 3kg jars.

Where might I purchase Bottarga in Montreal ?

La Mer almost always has it when I go although it is often labeled greek-style. I dont know enough about bottarga to tell you what greek style is.

I was at Milanos yesterday and they had 2 types, mullet for 45$ a pack and another one that was not clearly labeled or priced. (could have just been a different brand but still mullet)

Reliable source for Dragon fruit

For the freshest ones, I would probably listen to Porker and look around Chinatown.

For downtown, they always seem to have some when I go to the new Adonis (but they sometimes look a bit tired).

Red and green meat "radishes" available in Montreal ?

I've seen the ones with red meat being called watermelon radishes if that helps you. I don't think I've seen them at the markets though.


While I agree it might be a fad, I would jump on it if I heard that a local bakery was doing it. I have been wanting to eat fried croissants since seeing this about two years ago:

What's new Montreal??

I had pretty much the same experience 2-3 weeks ago.

Good food, good price but very noisy and rather slow.

I don't think they can do anything about the noise. There was no music, nor a table of drunks, and the restaurant was maybe 75% full but it was still very noisy.

Speed is definitely something they should improve though. I think we were there for a good hour and a half.

Looking for orgeat syrup

Thank you all for the suggestions.

I went to Gourmet Laurier yesterday and they had Teisseire and Marie Brizard.

Looking for orgeat syrup

I was sure I had seen a thread discussing this but a search turned up a thread on bitters with no mention of orgeat.

So basically where can I find high quality orgeat? I'm also looking for brand recommendations. I'm thinking they should have some at Douceurs du marché, so I was planning to go there tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you

Berkshire Pork

I went to the Rachelle-Bery on St-Laurent too, I saw a package of Odelil pork sausage. I wanted to post but then I forgot, would've saved you a stop.

During my googling for heritage pork in Quebec I came across this: (french only)
and this: (they have pork too, both places are partners from what I've gathered


As far as breeds other than Berkshire, I found a couple breeders for tamworth, large black, and I think another one. It is not clear whether they would sell to individuals.

I think this thread could serve as a general info thread on heritage pork in the province.

Berkshire Pork

I was at the Wellington one yesterday and they had a few cuts of Berkshire. I saw some tenderloin (55$/kg), a few chops (35$/kg , I think), some ground meat, and shoulder (18$/kg).

I got the only package of shoulder, sort of a thick slice with a nice 1-1.5in fat cap.

They had slightly more choices for the Wagyu but I didn't get any.

Restaurant Helena

Are you your talking about the Feijoada de mariscos? I came this close to ordering it but I took the fish soup starter instead.

Restaurant Helena

I went yesterday and we had the following:

Would order again:
Cod croquettes, Sardine filets, Grilled seafood plate for 2 (scallops, shrimps, octopus, calmars), Pasteis de nata, Churros.

Probably wouldn't:
Tomato salad , Fish soup, Doughnuts (Bolas de Berlim), Crab cake (I'm not a big fan of those in general).

Wine: can't remember, says Planalto 2011 on the bill but I don't find it on the wine list.

There was also complimentary bread, mixed olives and peppers, olive oil, and some sort of chorizo flavored spread.

Overall we had a very good time, the food was good, and we left more than full. For 3 people bill came to 230$ before tip the wine was 55$.

Address: 438, McGill (corner St-Maurice)

Openings in 2013

I've been to one in Toronto. I thought the ambiance was pretty good. They showed the hockey game while we were eating and then they closed the TVs and it became a regular bar. I remember the food was ok, sort of a higher end 3 Brasseurs.

They also had a pretty big beer list and the prices were decent but I don't know with our alcohol laws if it will be the same.

From memory the only cons were that the food was a bit expensive for what it was and they were out of the first two beers I ordered.

Where to find Golden Syrup in Mtl?

Yes TA has it. I bought some last month to make treacle tart.

Finding cake emulsifier in Montreal

Xanthan gum can be found quite easily at a lot of grocery stores. I have seen it recently at the Loblaws on Cavendish and the Loblaws Angus, so I assume it can be found at other Loblaws. I also believe I saw it at the Metro corner Notre-Dame and de la Montagne but I'm not sure.

It's usually in the health food aisle, Bob's Red Mill brand around 10$.

I think you can find glycerin at the pharmacy.

Berkshire Pork

I saw some at Cool & Simple last time I was there (3-4 months ago). It is frozen and according to their website it is local. I cannot remember the prices.

Food Events 2013

I didn't realize the pic would be so small on Chow. Here is the menu:

Amuse bouche
Salt roasted golden beets, avocado, red onions, capers, cucumber, dill.

1st service
Saffron cauliflower soup, green olive persillade.

2nd service
Green salad, sunchoke, sunflower seeds, black truffle from Norcia.

3rd service
Eggplant braciole, smoked Lady Crystal potatoes, salsa verde, tapenade.

4th service
Roasted maitake mushroom, leek remoulade, celery root fritter.

1st dessert
Sweet potato turnover, sweet kraut and hazelnut cream.

2nd dessert
Honey Crisp gratin, smoked maple ice cream, walnut streusel.

Food Events 2013

I had a great time at Laloux for the event. I attached a pic of the menu because I don't feel like typing it all up.

The meal was pretty long at around 3h30 but with the amount of dishes (and wine) I thought it was a good pace. I could do a dish by dish breakdown if someone is interested. I know I like to read them but I'm not very good at writing them. I will say that my favorite dishes were 2nd, 3rd, and 4th service, with 2nd dessert as well. I found some picture of the meal here: where you can see the maitake dish, the beet dish and the salad.

Food Events 2013

The reviews from last year were scarce and not too encouraging: and

I currently have a reservation at Laloux where Vedge ( is the invited restaurant. My GF doesn't eat meat so it's a good fit and I've heard good things about it.

I am also looking for suggestions on vegetarian/pescatarian friendly Buenos Aires chefs. If there was no budget or food restrictions I probably would have booked either Aramburu at Chez l'Épicier or Le Mirazur at Maison Boulud (this one is already sold out).

Montréal en lumière 2013

Thanks! I re-posted in that thread.

Montréal en lumière 2013

There is usually a discussion every year so I thought I would start it.

The reviews from last year were scarce and not too encouraging:

The spotlight is on Buenos Aires, Philadelphia, and Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean.

I currently have a reservation at Laloux where Vedge ( is the invited restaurant. My GF doesn't eat meat so it's a good fit and I've heard good things about it.

I am also looking for suggestions on vegetarian/pescatarian friendly Buenos Aires chefs. If there was no budget or food restrictions I probably would have booked either Aramburu at Chez l'Épicier or Le Mirazur at Maison Boulud.