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Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo

Aw, c'mon. It's Kitchener. Occasional visitors have to go with the stereotype. And that means The Olde Heidelberg Restaurant Tavern & Motel.
Just outside St. Jacob's and it's got everything you'd expect out of Mennoniteville.....pork hock (aka: pig's feet), schnitzels as big as your head, sausage, ribs (although Mennonite-style ribs aren't my favourite) and the absolute gloriousity (yeah, I know that's not a word) of pig tails. It's pig tail heaven. Go for the pig's tail. Find your inner Mennonite! Only place in town, anymore, where you can eat everything except the squeal. Not a white-linen tablecloth kind of place but it never had that kind of aspirations.
And if you over-do the feasting or the boozing there's the motel upstairs where you can sleep all that happiness off until you are capable of driving home.
Anything else you can get in Kitchener you can get anywhere else. There aren't many places left like The Olde Heidelberg. Get it before it's gone.

Schnitzel Queen ???

The wondrous Schnitzel Queen closed today, New Years Eve, as planned due to eviction but the owners have found a new location about a block to the west (the former Moss Park Restaurant at 211 Queen St. E.) and will re-open in about a month.

Buy, Buy, Birdie?

Actually, the on-line menu lists it at $75. However, I would rather be old and irrelevant and roast my own chicken at home than toss that much money around at some downtown eatery. This is not a critique of those who are willing to pay $75 for a chicken-for-two. If you can afford it, good for you. But sometimes a roast chicken is just a roast chicken.

Gluten-free dim sum in Toronto? Does this exist?

I hear ya, looz. Chinese food and dim sum Sundays were a staple for us forever until my wife was diagnosed Celiac four years ago. She's been to Riz and enjoyed it but there is no such thing as gluten free dim sum. And you can't get by at dim sum by choosing something that doesn't come in buns or wrappers because, as you already know, soy sauce is made of wheat and soy sauce is present everywhere in a Chinese restaurant kitchen.

Burger Priest Gluten Free Buns

I don't know the source but my wife, who has Celiac disease, was glutened after eating a "gluten-free" bun from Burger Priest shortly after opening in the Beach. Next time in, she asked about the gluten-free bun and was told by a guy behind the counter that it was "mostly gluten-free." That's not good enough. Don't know if they have changed things up since then because she hasn't been back,

Where can I fill my Propane Tank downtownish?

Danforth Gas, independent gas station on southwest corner of Danforth Ave. (not Road) and Warden Ave. Services a lot a taxis. Drive around back behind the car wash.

66 Gilead Distillers - Prince Edward County - Gin, Pine Vodka and Shochu,etc

If you can't get your hands on a bottle of Pine Vodka then take a swig of turpentine. Pretty much the same. Seems the Dukes of Hazzard have relocated to Prince Edward County and brought their moonshine with them.

What to order when "forced" to eat at chain/non-Chow worthy restaurants? Advice and finds...

A true foodie carries a cyanide capsule for just such occasions when the dining locale is beneath his or her expectorations. Merely order a glass of water. Neither taste nor hard-earned cash is wasted. Once the body is dragged out, everyone else can go ahead and have a really good time.

Best easy drinking Rye for an Old-Fashioned Cocktail?

Mixing expensive sipping booze with sugar, bitters and a maraschino cherry is like swigging single-malt & Coke. It's just not done. Try some uncomplicated Wiser's Deluxe. (750 mL/ $26.45 )

This is probably a 'redundant' question...."FREESTONE PEACHES" ?

Been getting them for several weeks now on north side of St. Lawrence Market. Need a day or two to ripen but made for good jam, chutney and canned peaches.

Bushels of Roma Tomatoes for this weekend?

That's the Prince of Wales fruit market. Twenty dollars a bushel. Bit more expensive that most but best quality.

Day Drinking in Toronto. You know you're out there.

Staying Financial District and going heavy metal? That's just bat$hit but good on ya'. Forget the downtown and west end suggestions. Dat's not day drinkin'. You want serious day-drinking then you want the veterans of the east end. Start with some class at Caeli Cottage -- 1301 Queen St E, -- with some oyster selections and pints of Beau’s Lagered Ale and maybe mellowed with some Tullamore Dew (it's the afternoon, no reason to get all single-malty and such). Then head a few staggers further east to the notorious The Duke (google can explain) for karaoke with former professional wrestling supertsar (from way, way long ago) Sweet Daddy Siki between 3:30 and 7:30 p.m. Now yer plowed. And if you can behave yourselves a bit then walk across the street to the fabuloursThe Nose restaurant and carb load heavily on the pastas to get yourself in shape for full-on heavy metal music. Damn, sounds so good, might do it myself. Minus the heavy metal, though.

Modestly Priced in Niagara Falls?

The deocor has not changed in decades but you cannot go wrong with little-known local favourite John's at 6535 Thorold Stone Road for dinner or lunch. Traditional family-style restaurant and all homemade. Fish and chips popular and lots of selection for kids. Specials like cabbage rolls, perogies and rouladen reflect the owners' heritage. Hearty food. Decent prices. Friendly service. It's not in the tourist districts but nothing in Niagara Falls is more than a 10 minute drive away. I'm also a fan of Antica. Surprisingly good and reasonably priced for being so close to the Clifton Hill area. (Agreed there are good deals on the U.S. side but crossing the border can be very time consuming with lengthy delays at U.S. Customs.)