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Restaurant near Dupont Circle?

Thanks everyone! I ended up going to Ardeo/Bardeo for a couple of reasons (I was driving and it had valet parking! Plus I always wanted to try it.) I liked the atmosphere and some of the dishes I tried to were fantastic (brussell sprouts, marinated chickpeas), but one was so-so (whole roasted rockfish -- TONS of bones to pick out) and one was not great ("faux" carbonara -- though I did love the egg on top). Anyway, thanks for all the suggestions. I'm going to use them for future outings!

Restaurant near Dupont Circle?

I need a Monday night restaurant in Dupont near the Washington Hilton Hotel. Looking for something a bit hip with a fun atmosphere, if possible, and definitely good food. Can be on the more expensive side and am not bound by type of food: everything from American to Asian is o.k. Suggestions? I've gotten great ones here before and I rarely get into the city to eat, so anything you have to offer would be excellent.

Great dinner at Blacks...

Just wanted to say thanks for the suggestion to have my dinner with my visiting parents at Black's Bar and Kitchen in Bethesda. The mussels were AWESOME. A bunch of us had the Thai mussels and I could have slurped that broth.

Everyone loved most of their food: my husband had the ribeye and thought it was great. My father and I had the tuna entree. He loved it but I thought it was pretty pedestrian. However, the cauliflower side dish was perfect. I could have eaten just that. My mom (who is a vegetarian) had just sides and loved the cauliflower too, plus the amazing mashed potatoes. She thought the asparagus wasn't anything special.

Kids had mussels and calamari and kids meals with fresh fruit and were very happy.

And the carmel/chocolate dessert was great. Nice touch at the end, they bring out both chocolate and butterscotch mini cookies to send you off.

So anyway, thanks again to Chowhound! I always get the perfect suggestion here.

Black's Bar & Kitchen
7750 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814

Need restaurant rec for DC//Bethesda....

I knew chowhound would come through! I just checked out Black's and got a reservation. Looks perfect, particularly because one person is a vegetarian, who does eat seafood. Lots of fish/seafood options to choose from and my kids LOVE mussels, so we're good to go. Thanks again!

Need restaurant rec for DC//Bethesda....

They like a lot! They've enjoyed Jaleo, 8407, Rays the classics etc. They like upscale (which is fine since they're paying!). I was thinking about Corduroy too, but don't know that much about it.

Need restaurant rec for DC//Bethesda....

My parents are coming to town and they like good food and they're willing to pay! There will be six of us, including two kids (10 and 8) who are good eaters and can usually find something on any menu. We live in Silver Spring and wanted to stay fairly close, but we've already pretty much hit all the nice SS restaurants with my parents already (Ray's, 8407 etc.)

Something in Bethesda would be good (but already done Jaleo with them) since it's close by or I'd be willing to go to DC (can shoot right down 16th st.). I wanted to do Founding Farmers but can't get a reservation for that night.

Other suggestions? Thanks! I've come to this board a few times in the past and gotten great feedback.

Founding Farmers
1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20006