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Beer Pints Are Just Too Big

As a Brit and an owner of a Pub two major points firstly to the autour of the article, what an absolute pile of tosh. No disrespect but were your born an ignorant pretentious idiot or is it something you have worked on over the past 20 years? From what i can see the quality of most lagers and ales from across the pond would warent holding ones noise and necking for fear we would have to taste it. Yes there are exceptions but any country who brings us such delights as Budweiser should instantly have any right to an opinion revoked. The pint is a traditional means of drinking Larger's and ales and instead of spitting on that heritage would should be embrassing it.

"In England some pint glasses have a line an inch from the top denoting a pint, so you can see you've got the full measure, however particularly in the south the glass is supposed to be filled to he brim. Unfortunately a lot of temp bar staff, especially from the Australia/NZ region, don't know this and so you have to be on your toes to make sure you don't get ripped off.-COLLAPSE

By Guthers on March 2, 2012 07:53 AM "

Secondly this statement is garbage, so much so it actually infuriates me. The law denotes that a reasonable head will form part of your pint, so it sould never be flat to the top the lined over sized glasses are used in conjunction with pumps the dispense a pre determined amount of liquid anywhere who who pours a flat pint isnt doing it correctly hence why so many pumps are now fitted with devices to aid the a head being formed. So talk to heiniken, Calsberg peroni etc etc why they have spent millions devolping ways to keep the head on a beer

Mar 04, 2012
AAchef in Features

The Cheese Course: why at the end of the meal?

Ok came across this and just thought i would explain. In th UK this obviously goes for US going by some of the posts the cheese course is served post meal datng back to naval traditions of the 18th century where cheese was consumed with port for the officers. This has trickled down through society at is the standard adopted way we enjoy a cheese course. I feel it is also morrod in the enitre approach towards meals where the cheese course is the main point of social interactions due to the shorter nature in the number of courses we eat. In france at the same point when courses were originally adopted from russian culture the cheese course was placed before the pudding so none of the flavours wouldf be lost by a presweet course. Traditionally cheese was not served with bread but was to be enjoyed in its own merit On a side note there is also a correct way to eat a cheese course you start with the least salty such as brie and camembert and work round to the most salty such as stilton this is agaion so none of the subtle flavour are lost.

Jun 07, 2011
AAchef in Cheese