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Foods that make you happy

Haha, yes, but I try to get 'happy' off the foods from the first list most days of the week!

Jun 09, 2011
sugarflowers in General Topics

Recipes for Two!

I'm looking for as many recipes for two adults as possible. I will look at anything, from the simplest to the most challenging. I have no preference on the cuisine type, and no food allergies/distastes for anything except ham (makes me break out in hives!) and cilantro (I've got a genetic distaste for it). My co-diner likes red meat, but it's not a must for every meal.

I am a novice cook who loves a challenge and experiments with food all the time. I'd like some simple recipes to start with, but I'd also love some really impressive stuff too! Thanks in advance for your help. :)

Jun 09, 2011
sugarflowers in Home Cooking

Typical American breakfast foods you don't enjoy at breakfast?

Orange juice - I stay away from most juices in general, but orange juice is just like swallowing syrup to me
Breakfast burritos
Anything with onions
Smoked salmon

Jun 06, 2011
sugarflowers in General Topics

Your favorite Le Creuset color

White, actually - so clean and sleek!

Jun 06, 2011
sugarflowers in Cookware

Is meat losing its allure?

For me, meat can never and will never lose its allure. Sure, I get sugar/carb cravings and don't dream of steak. But I am so anemic that if I don't regularly consume meat, all the iron pills and peanutbutter and eggs in the world won't save me.

Secondly, no, I just think the demand for QUALITY meat will, hopefully, spring up. There's already been a lot of pressure on factory farms with films like Fast Food Nation, Food INC, and the like. Places like Panera bread have made money off of schlepping their antibiotic-free chicken. I feel that if the American economy could stop bleeding people would put their money towards meat that isn't laden with hormones and other issues.

I don't get it......

Thank you so much! I'll be on the look-out.

Foods that make you happy

I have to slap on the 'good quality foodstuffs of all kinds make me happy!' addage to my post. ;

But I also feel the foods that make me happy fall under two broad categories.

Foods that make me happy: Healthy, Light, and Clean%3

- Brown rice and pasta (way more than regular)

- FRESH fish and shellfish cooked in lots of garlic and lemon and some wine

- Summer tomatoes from the farmstand. They deserve their own category! Seriously, anything involving a summer tomato, with fresh herbs thrown in, is bliss

- Actually, fresh herbs in general make me very happy. I have learned to appreciate the beauty and power of just-snipped tarragon, basil, oregano, dill, rosemary, and the like.

- Garlic in anything. The more garlic the better!

- Fruit salsas

- Fruits: strawberries, raspberries, mangos, peaches

- Vegetables: spinach, green beans, asparagus, red bell peppers, rainbow chard, morels

- Greek yogurt, especially with fruit or honey

- Homemade chicken soup

- Roasted chicken with root vegetables

- Greek-style lamb and classic Greek sides

- Leafy, beautiful green salads. I could eat one every day, so long as I could play with the variety of the leaves and the proteins involved.

- Tea. I travel the world through tea!

- Sushi

Foods that make me happy: Maybe I won't weigh myself tomorrow!

- Creme brulee

- Vanilla bean frosting and ice cream

- Homemade waffles and sausage

- Coq au vin

- Garlic mashed potatoes with cream and roasted garlic, preferrably from Yukon Golds!

- Sweet, smoky ribs with creamy coleslaw

- Bread! Fresh, beautiful artisan breads and butter are just heaven

- Cheeses, especially Brie, Camembert, and chevre

- Beer-battered onion rings

- A great, char-grilled burger on a beautiful roll with tons of flavor

- A medium/medium-well steak with wine sauce, crispy onions, buttery mushrooms, etc

- Chocolate truffles

- Polenta, either grilled or creamy

- Anything involving dark chocolate and raspberries/strawberries/nuts

Jun 06, 2011
sugarflowers in General Topics

Which brands are you loyal to?

Aquafina water



Heinz Ketchup

Best Foods mayo

Kettle Brand Chips

Honey Bunches of Oats cereal

Trader Joe's brand of Greek yogurts



Ben and Jerry's ice cream when I feel like wasting money on a pint, lol

iet Coke - for those rare occasions I splurge on soda

Corona/Corona Light - the only beer I can drink without feeling instantly ill

Holy Guacamole when I can't make my own

Guittard chocolate chips for baking (okay, and snacking too!)

Jun 06, 2011
sugarflowers in General Topics

I don't get it......

On a sidenote, I've never watched a single episode of Aartie's show, because I never see it on. What's her food like? (I didn't really follow her season of TNFNS, so I'm not sure.) Do they even show it anymore?

Food Network Star - Episode 1 (formerly "The Next Food Network Star") [spoilers]

I caught this near the end, but that Howie guy seemed like such a douche from the 20 minutes I watched it, that he NEEDED to go.

I'm predicting Orchid will be the top 3; the judges seem enamoured by her!