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Where to buy Intelligentsia coffee in the DC area by the bag

Update on my update: South Block switched to Ceremony roasters.

Nice Cream Factory

I tried it, and it was good! They source their lavender from a local farm. I agree, though- it's too expensive.

Recipe for canned clams?

I ended up making linguine with clam sauce last night. For two people, I used two cans of whole clams (6.5 oz each, or 3 oz each when drained), some whole wheat pasta, dry white wine, garlic, red pepper flakes, a tin of sardines, and some fresh parsley.

It was so gross. The clams, even though I chopped them as fine as mush, were horrible and chewy, and it tasted like I was eating pasta with a thick meat sauce, but like if you were to replace the meat in the sauce with rubber bands and dead fish.

I kept the "bellies" which probably made it worse. Maybe next time I can try fried clam strips minus the bellies.

Thanks for everyone's suggestions!

Mar 11, 2014
akimaii in Home Cooking

Recipe for canned clams?

I'm trying to get more iron in my diet, and clams are at the top of the list. Thing is, I hate the texture of most seafood, especially clams. It feels like I'm eating a slug.

That said, I don't mind the taste. I have been known to drain the liquid from a can of clams and use that in place of the clams for pasta dishes.

Is there a way I can incorporate clams into my diet that disguises the texture? What if I sauteed canned clams in butter and garlic and then pureed them? Would that be terrible?

Mar 10, 2014
akimaii in Home Cooking

Espresso machine under $200?

Yeah... that's what I figured. Do you think Nespresso Latissima Pluswhich is my best bet in terms of cheapest machine with all the above features?

Oct 08, 2013
akimaii in Cookware

Espresso machine under $200?

I'm looking for an espresso maker under $200 that does the following:

-has a built-in burr grinder
-produces a double stream
-automatically steams and froths milk
-filters water (optional)

The one I really want is something like this one:

But 1- I can't seem to find that exact one that in the US, and 2- they run like $600.

Any recommendations?

Oct 08, 2013
akimaii in Cookware

Where to find naturally fermented sourdough bread in DC?

Having just finished Michael Pollan's "Cooked", I'm on the hunt for natural sourdough bread. Like, the real stuff where the dough is made with a long fermented starter containing lactobacilli.

I bough some "sourdough" bread from the farmer's market in Arlington, but it was fake sourdough, ie., made with yeast. Disappointed.

Where to buy Intelligentsia coffee in the DC area by the bag

Update: South Block Smoothie in Clarendon sells the house blend for about $17 for a 1lb bag. Thanks @orangemix!

Where to buy Intelligentsia coffee in the DC area by the bag

Thanks! I heard South Block had it but I didn't know they sold bags.

Where to buy Intelligentsia coffee in the DC area by the bag

Shipping is extremely expensive because they only ship via UPS. The cheapest option, ground rate for a 1lb bag, is $10.84. And the coffee itself is already so pricey that I'm hoping to find it for sale locally.

Where to buy Intelligentsia coffee in the DC area by the bag

Anyone know where I can buy it by the bag to brew at home? Looks like only a handful of places even offer it by the cup.

Blender that will liquefy kale for green smoothies

I'm looking for a cheap blender (under $100, ideally under $60) that will liquefy kale for green smoothies. I know Vitamix and BlendTec are amazing and will turn an old boot into soup, but has anyone had success making a green smoothie with kale using a cheap blender?

I currently have the Hamilton Beach 10-speed wave action. (this one: ) I think it's around 350 watts and it does not come close to blending kale. Even when I remove the stems, it leaves stringy ickiness in the blender that I end up having to strain out.

Also, I read that eating raw blended kale isn't actually healthy and can be harmful. Something about it being a cruciferous veggie and having an effect on thyroid function. Any truth to this claim? I hope not.

Dec 25, 2011
akimaii in Cookware

Authentic French Macaroon's?

Thanks for recommending Michel Patisserie! I tried four of them at Artfully Chocolate in Alexandria and they were SO GOOD! They were $2 each though. Still, I think I'm going to order them through his website and pick them up in Arlington.

Michel Patisserie
Arlington, VA, Arlington, VA