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Lodge sale

Atwoods is having a sale of Lodge cast iron. This INCLUDES the color line. The flyer states 15% off. My local Atwoods took 25% off.

Atwoods is a chain that sells Farming items. It's found mostly in the south.

Hubby just bought me a green dutch oven. Have to wait till Christmas to get it!

Dec 15, 2011
sentaikat in Cookware

Fontignac: The enameled cast iron debate continues

I have a good sized Descoware, Lodge color and LC collection. I was given a fontignac as a gift. I really wanted a larger for me dutch oven.I know that most people would say that 5.5 quart is small, but not me :)

When I make noodles in it, it sticks! I mean boiling water, putting salt and oil in it then boil the noodles.Then drain, which leeds to a very large sticky mess at the bottom! I've made noodles many, many times before in other pots without this problem.

I have to stir almost constantly and still there is the big sticking problem.

My LC doesn't stick like this, my lodge color doesn't stick like this. Just this new one sticks.

So i guess it's okay, just not as good at the others I have.

Nov 28, 2011
sentaikat in Cookware

HELP!! I scorched my Le Creuset...

I know this is in Japanese, but this video demonstrates how to clean a scorched "nabe" ie Dutch oven. It's from le Creuset Japan.

at the 2:00 mark on, the boiling with salt, then using Le Creuset cleaner method is shown.

I've used this method and it really works :)

Nov 26, 2011
sentaikat in Cookware

a rice cooker that seemingly is burning the rice

What does you wife say?

I've used many rice cookers over the years. They ALL leave that wonderful tan crust at the bottom. There probably isn't anything wrong at all with your rice cooker. Just consider it like any other type of 'browning' you can get in cooking.

Nov 26, 2011
sentaikat in Cookware

eBay "guides" on LC ECI colors & sizes

I think that the author of the guides have done a really good job. I really like the size one. But there are some drawbacks:

I really wish that the LC color guide would have some photos of the actual color not just a list of what we have to guess at. I believe the guide means for us to look at the box for a number, but unless its brand new it doesn't have a box. ie I have yellows made a before the 1992 citrus dating.

I also wish the sizing guide would include the 50's and 60;s sizes. 22's from that period were about the same size as the "b' pots. They hold about two quarts. The 18's from that time hold about a quart. which is the same size as the 'a' pots.

here is a link to another ebay size guide to the letter sizes:

the guides *are* very useful, but would be much better with some photos of the colors.

Jul 17, 2011
sentaikat in Cookware

LC dating help

I know I got the wooden handles about 1987 at a garage sale. So the 14, 18 and 22 are the 'old' numbers. The 22 is about two quarts. The tan is inside and outside. So it looks different then other LC pieces I have.

Jun 08, 2011
sentaikat in Cookware

LC dating help

LOL I didn't realize I had titled my post wrongly. It would be *very* interesting to see the colors! :)

Jun 08, 2011
sentaikat in Cookware

LC dating help

I have a whole lot of descoware and LC. While I was easily able to find out the ages of my Descoware cookware, I've had problems finding information on dating my LC collection

. I have bought almost all of my LC from Ebay, Goodwill and thrift stores. Because of that most of my LC is pretty old. I only have one piece that is new a 3 quart dutch oven in Cherry.

I have no idea how old any of my items are. Can't find a real collectors guide online! So if anyone can help that would be nice. I put the inside colors because I have a feeling they changed them during the years.

I have a set old wooden handle sauce pans that are tan all over even the inside-sizes are 14, 18 and 22.
Volcanic gratan pans-various sizes all white inside.
yellow gratan pan-white inside
A chocolate brown B dutch oven
A dark blue B dutch oven
Dark blue C dutch oven
solid light blue 22 Heritage dutch oven-the same size as B white inside
solid dark green 22 Heritage dutch oven same size as B white inside
solid Light blue 18 Heritage dutch oven white inside
flame 14 Heritage dutch oven-so cute! white inside
white 22 Heritage oval dutch oven white inside
Flame 26 Heritage oval dutch oven same inside lining as now
volcanic combo pan, white inside marked 18
volcanic combo pan white inside marked 22

I also have yellow and flame fry pans of various sizes-with gray interior.

So if anyone can help me or guide me to a webpage I would be grateful!
thanks so much

Jun 08, 2011
sentaikat in Cookware