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Where to find yummy Ontario strawberries

Awesome, thanks! Yes, I am most interested berries that taste delightful because they haven't had to travel for ages. Has anyone seen them at Dufferin Grove Market?

Where to find yummy Ontario strawberries

Anyone have a good source for Organic Ontario Strawberries in the GTA?

Looking for a mid-week lunch pick with emphasis on meat and veggies.

Hi Chowhounders! I'm looking for a solid mid-week lunch pick with interesting dishes, and an emphasis on meat and veggies. My dining partner and I prefer not to eat grains or beans. Any good contenders? Mid- and downtown preferred. I had a bunch of menus around town I was digging, but most of them were dinner only...

ISO Purple-fleshed Sweet Potatoes

Has anyone seen these in Toronto? I want to give them a try!

Restaurant Suggestions for my Mom's 5#th Birthday Dinner?

My parents' birthdays are exactly a week apart. Last night, for my Dad's birthday I booked us into L'Ouvrier, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed! Great flavour combinations, nice plating, innovative dishes. Now I'm looking for something comparably awesome for my Mom's special night out! Looking for something at a similar price point and with similarly intriguing plates. Any suggestions?

In Downtown Detroit for two nights--where to eat?

As a mega carnivore, I am definitely heading to Roast tonight! I'm a little torn on what to order, anyone have any experience dining there?

Nov 04, 2011
scapegoated in Great Lakes

In Downtown Detroit for two nights--where to eat?

I looked into it, and our hotel offers a shuttle, so we should be able to get around safely!
Coach looks amazing, I may have to check them out when I am dining solo.
As for the group dinner--none of us are drinkers, and the rest of the group isn't very 'chow' minded. Lame as it sounds, will the average person will be satisfied if we go to the Hard Rock Cafe?

Nov 03, 2011
scapegoated in Great Lakes

In Downtown Detroit for two nights--where to eat?

Noted, thanks! For the group dinner, probably $20 and under per person.
Our group is staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Washington Boulevard--should we be taking a taxi to and from the hotel and Renaissance Center, or can we get away with walking that route during the day?

Nov 03, 2011
scapegoated in Great Lakes

In Downtown Detroit for two nights--where to eat?

I'm in Detroit for two nights, and looking for some recommendations of where to eat dinner. My only restrictions are that I am gluten intolerant. Otherwise open to all types of food! One night I may be dining with a small group of people, who are on a budget. The other night I will probably be solo, and looking for something unique and delicious. Any suggestions? If they are in walking distance from the Renaissance Center, that would be even better.

Nov 03, 2011
scapegoated in Great Lakes

Where to eat near the Distillery District after a late evening play?

Thanks so much for the recommendation, prima! We ended up going to Table 17--only took a few minutes to get there after the play was over.

Our table of 3 shared the Salumi Board, which wasn't magical, but was a nice taster. House pickled vegetables, grainy mustard and cippolinni onions went well with the meats. I also ordered the Arugula Salad to start, which was different than the current one on the online menu. It had toasted pecans, roasted squash, shaved cheese and a light citrus based dressing. The squash was delicious and tender, and the nuts were nicely toasted.

For my main I had the Beef Short Ribs--cooked perfectly, fall off the bone. The parsnip puree was very tasty, and all the elements worked quite well together. I have to say that from the small taste I had of one of my dining partner's Diver Scallop dish though...I think that that would be the clear must-try item! That was the most delicious bite of scallop I've ever had.

Service was great, and it was lovely to have had something delicious and so close to the theatre!

Where to eat near the Distillery District after a late evening play?

You're right, I didn't specify--my mistake! We are car-mobile.
Every time we've gotten out of a play down there everything seems quite shut down for the night, so it probably would have been better for me to ask for suggestions that were relatively close, and open late.

Where to eat near the Distillery District after a late evening play?

Thanks Prima--you rock! Those all look like fantastic options, though I'm leaning towards Table 17 at the moment. I've seen Origin's website before and have been interested in dining there, but unfortunately it's not working for me at the moment so I can't review the menu offerings like I'd prefer to...

Table 17
782 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H4, CA

Where to eat near the Distillery District after a late evening play?

Hi! I'm looking for a recommendation of somewhere to eat after a play at the Young Center theatre in the Distillery District. Due to timing issues, we won't be able to eat beforehand, and will have to eat after the show gets out--probably around 9:30/10. A little later for dinner...any suggestions as to what might be delicious and also still open? Thanks in advance!

Distillery District
55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

Summerlicious 2011

So, I'd never done either Summerlicious or Winterlicious before, but this year I decided to check out a handful of restaurants. I picked out Caju, Pangaea, Midi Bistro, 93 Harbord and Veritas. So far I've dined at the first three--93 Harbord is tonight and Veritas is tomorrow for lunch.

Caju was the first--for the appetizer I had the salad with shaved pear, pumpkin seeds, and passion fruit dressing. The passion fruit dressing was very tart and refreshing. The salad wasn't the most memorable I've had, but it was fairly well balanced. For the main I chose the grilled pork loin with smoked chorizo, tomato salsa, cassava chips, balsamic reduction drizzle. The pork was nice and lean, but not dry. The chorizo was flavourful and spicy, which was a nice compliment to the balsamic reduction. The cassava managed to be quite light and airy tasting, but also very filling. For dessert I chose the Crème de Papaya, which I found to be a little too on the sweet side for my tastes. It was topped with a daub of cassis preserves, which was a tart respite to the overall sweetness. Service was a little slow, but I was dining with old friends, so it was a nice opportunity to catch up.

My second hit was Pangaea--which is easily the highlight so far! We chose to go for lunch. Bread was served with a delicious beet butter (roasted beets and butter, whipped together). My dining partner and I both went with the Cucumber & Coconut Gazpacho for the appetizer, which was delightful and refreshing. For the main I went with the Albacore Tuna, and my fellow diner went with the Roasted Leg Of Lamb. We mutually decided that I'd picked the winner, although he was not dissatisfied with the flavourfulness and spice of the lamb dish, he thought the choice of cut was rather tough. The tuna was perfectly cooked, the eggplant was extremely flavourful--all of the elements really came together well.
Those of you heading to Pangaea to check out their made-in-house artisan cheese selection might want the heads up that due to the volume of diners from Summerlicious, the artisan cheese plate offered on the prix fixe menu is NOT their own cheese. That being said--it was still fabulous cheese.

The third was Midi Bistro, which is unfortunately the low point so far. Not bad, just not really anything to write home about. I chose the Escargots, and my boyfriend chose the Midi Salad. The sauce on the escargots unfortunately reminded me a bit of campbell's cream of mushroom soup, but the escargots themselves were tender and well cooked. For the main I went with the fish of the day which was Cod with Bouillabaisse, and my boyfriend chose the Cinnamon Crusted Salmon. The bouillabaisse sauce itself was flavourful and tasty, but I found the cod a little overcooked and rubbery. The highlight of the salmon dish was apparently the saffron dressing.
The winner on this menu was the Vanilla & Cardamom Crème Brulée, which was lovely and creamy. Detected little flecks of a scraped vanilla bean pod!
All in all, decent but not fantastic. Perhaps a better pick for lunch--lower cost and you can still have to-die-for Crème Brulée!

Looking forward to the final two selections.

93 Harbord
93 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1G4, CA

1221 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5R 3P5, CA

922 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1G6, CA

234 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

Midi Bistro
168 McCaul St, Toronto, ON M5T1W4, CA

Yogurty's Froyo - new Avenue Road location

Has anyone tried them out yet? I heard they just opened recently.
Yogurty's Froyo
1703 Avenue Road