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Suggestions for a date?

Hello people,

so here is my report back to you: we finally went to La Sala Rosa for two reasons, one being that in the haste of the days leading up to his visit, I totally forgot to make reservations at Pinxto... We will save that for the next time.

La Sala Rosa turned out to be the perfect choice, though! It was not too fancy which I know my bf was concerned about; and he really liked the idea of sharing food.

We each chose 3 different dishes, which for two was a little too much, but we devoured everything... My personal favourite is the goat cheese with caramelized onions, while he loved the quails.

Thank you to all of you for helping with ideas and weighing in... I think we have a success story here :)


Jul 17, 2011
Manka in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Suggestions for a date?

So Pintxo it is, guys, and I am getting really excited! I will report back after the 1st week of July.

I'm still considering maybe making another "date" and see one of the other places as well.

Jun 12, 2011
Manka in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Suggestions for a date?

Oh you guys are awesome. Thanks for all the recommendations.

Pintxo was one that I have been eyeing as well so you basically confirmed that it's worth a try.

I have also heard good things about the Icehouse and the Comptoir... So I just have to make up my mind now :)

Jun 06, 2011
Manka in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Suggestions for a date?


I'm looking for ideas where to take my out-of-town bf in early to mid-July.

He is not the most adventurous eater (sushi is out of question for both of us), but aside from the general North American fare he likes Mexican and had no problems with Indian food - my fave - so we have a little lee way...

I am thinking Spanish / Portuguese but any suggestions are welcome..
I would like to find a place with a nice atmosphere for a date, maybe with a bar.. My budget is around $100.

I want him to experience Montreal and like it.

Thanks! M

Jun 05, 2011
Manka in Quebec (inc. Montreal)