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Which brands are you loyal to?

I grew up in brand loyal household (I've been sent back to the store to return butter that wasn't Challenge brand or sugar that wasn't C&H), so I've got it bad as an adult. I have to have French's yellow, deli, and honey mustard in my fridge at all times. I buy other kinds as well, but those are mainstays. Hunt's was always my ketchup of choice. Heinz is good, but a little too thick for my tastes, and Heinz yellow mustard is horrendous IMHO. I only buy Dunkin Donuts coffee, and in DD territory, I will forsake Starbucks and any other fancier, trendier chain. Whenever I get bottled water, it has to be Poland Spring or Aquafina because even though I know it's psychological, they taste crisper and cleaner to me. I don't care for soda, but will only buy Diet Coke when I do have it.....oooh and Ore-Ida frozen potato products.

Jun 04, 2011
chooguru84 in General Topics