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Dining by the Alphabet`

Awesome! Thanks for the help; the more suggestions I get, the more places I can eat!

Dining by the Alphabet`

Hello there Chowhounders!

I am new to the D.C. area and in an effort to learn more about the local cuisine, I've joined in with a group of other newish people to dine by the alphabet. As many know, we try to go once a week to a restaurant somehow related to a letter of the alphabet. So A could mean "Adam's Morgan" or "Amsterdam Falafalshop" (in Adam's Morgan; a double double as I call it) or anything else you might think of. A and B have already been completed, but we are looking for creative and delicious ideas for the rest of the alphabet.

For this week, we are debating whether to go to Ben's Chili Bowl or maybe somewhere in Chinatown or...... where should we go?

Thanks for any help!

Ben's Chili Bowl
1213 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

What restaurants in Albuquerque are truly good and not just good for Albuquerque?

I think another restaurant worth mentioning is Padilla's. I think their chile is on par with Mary and Tito's and is tied for my favorite New Mexican spot in Albuquerque (I could be biased... I used to walk there about once a week). I also really enjoy VietTaste for Vietnamese. Another place worth checking out is Tacos Mex Y Mariscos, a true Mexican restaurant on 4th street in the North Valley. Their Lengua was tender and delicious and their ceviche was refreshing. I think its usually a good sign if you're reasonably certain you're their only customer who ordered in english that day. Also, I think checking out the restaurants Sophia's place, Jo's place and especially Ezra's place. They are all owned by a man named Dennis who has established these restaurants as hidden treasures of the North Valley. Dennis puts a different spin on some traditional dishes, like blackbean and shrimp quesadillas (delicious) and scallop tacos. His Huevos Rancheros with carnitas are some of the best I've ever had. Of all the places I've mentioned, Ezra's is probably the most relevant to this thread: truly good food and great for Albuquerque

Jun 03, 2011
greenchilephil in Southwest