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Places to eat on trip from Phila to State College?

I like the pho place on atherton st for Vietnamese.

Jul 24, 2015
dining with doc in Pennsylvania

Reasonably priced steakhouse in MD or DC?

Medium rare on conn ave in Cleveland park but they only have steak. The Palm currently is running a great deal on lobster and u can add a steak. Although far from cheap, the deal is very reasonable.

avoid Suburban House in Pikesville!

I called a week ago to make reservations for 14 at 1:15 pm and was told no problem, they could accommodate my party. I gave them my name and cell number. Called yesterday to increase to 15 then again this morning to increase to 19. Each time I called they confirmed my name and time and that they could handle my request. Got there after my mom's unveiling and they had no record of my reservation. Plus they had no AC. The owner accused me of not calling and then when other people in my group said they witnessed me calling he said that he has crappy employees who don't care. As you can imagine we were angry and left. This place needs to close down unless they have a total change in management. What a train wreck it is.

Anniversary ideas with a view

Fiola Mare waterfront in Georgetown with lovely view of Kennedy center and fantastic Italian seafood. Great special occasion restaurant.

Help with our trip to Italy April 2014

We would be willing to call a taxi. How far is it from Sorento and what makes this restaurant special.

Feb 20, 2015
dining with doc in Italy

Help with our trip to Italy April 2014

We are staying in Sorento but will spend a day in Capri and a day touring amalfi/positano

Feb 02, 2015
dining with doc in Italy

Sorrento (Bethesda) - how's the pizza?

Although it is a chain and the portions are family style large, Carmine's near the verizon center has some very good linguini with white clam sauce. That, their salad and an order of garlic sauce and you easily feed 4 people. Mangia manga....

DC weekend - Italian + ?

We went last Sunday to Fiola Mare waterfront restaurant in Georgetown and had a memorable fantastic meal. Interesting round of drinks, Favorite one was the Arturo with vodka and 2 aperitifs over ice. Herbal and delicious. Started with cold seafood platter with oysters and clams on half shell, lobster, shrimp, langoustine, king crab, marinated dishes with calamari, scallops, sear urchin, raw tuna, sea weed salad. Three dipping sauces. Next was a salad with burrato, field greens and roasted beets, Then a pasta dish for the table consisting of cavalltini, trumpet mushrooms, baby scallops in a white but not creamy delicious sauce which the manager came by and shaved black truffle on, then a main courses which included grilled black bass, Bronzino, whole dorado, and a sauté of a red snapper like Japanese fish with carmelized fennel in a saffron broth. Multiple deserts including a soufflé (4 deserts on the house), great cappuccino, and finally a bottle of champagne on the house. they knew we were celebrating a few occasions and made the meal special and memorable. Food, service, ambiance all were fantastic and I highly recommend this restaurant especially since you stated that price doesn't matter. Dinner for 6 including tips and parking for came to total of $750.00 but left feeling that it was well worth it and one of the more memorable family meals we have done. We are foodies and often very critical but this place was fantastic. Enjoy!

Help with our trip to Italy April 2014

We are lucky enough to be bringing our 16 yr old daughter with us to visit our 21 yr old son who will he studying abroad in Rome his spring semester. We will be in Sorento/Amallfi coast April 3 thru 6, Florence April 6 thru 9 and Rome April 9 to 13. We are foodies and looking for memorable places in terms of food, view, etc but not looking to drop a bundle at each meal. We are willing to spend some money if it is special for 1 meal in each city but are just as happy with that great trattoria that has fantastic food at reasonable prices or the place with great food along with an unforgettable view or memorable
experience. Would like to avoid tourist traps. Our thanks for your help in advance! Doc

Jan 24, 2015
dining with doc in Italy

late night Baltimore

About 15 to 20 min drive to Honey Pig Korean BBQ in Ellicott City on route 40. I believe it is open all night.

Atlantic City Restaurants

I always have great meals at chef vola. Going this coming Saturday. Never have been to knife and fork. Where is it

Oct 05, 2014
dining with doc in New Jersey

Please help ladies with DC recs

I think the two most logical choices are both Jose Andres restaurants. The first Jaleo is excellent Spanish with an extensive tapas menu. The second is Zaytinya which is middle eastern, Greek, Mediterranean small plates. Both are superb, casual and fun and not far from your hotel and the museum.

Atlantic City Restaurants

Haha. Missed that one.

Oct 01, 2014
dining with doc in New Jersey

Atlantic City Restaurants

I know this is an old post but I just saw it. Can't believe no one said Chef Vola's. I believe the New York Times rated it #1 restaurant in A.C. BYOB. Need to know someone to get in. In a basement of an old house with no sign outside. Food is fantastic, especially anything on their extensive list of daily specials. Banana cream pie or apple ricotta cheesecake are the best. One of my fav places anywhere.

Sep 27, 2014
dining with doc in New Jersey

Sunday early lunch for seafood in and around Baltimore

There is a fantastic crummy but great place for lunch at the exit for the Hagerstown outlet mall off route 70 in Hagerstown MD. It is in the Exxon/ACT gas station and is called The Market. their fried chicken is off the charts good as is their sides such as greens, baked beans etc.. There are about 10 booths u can sit at

Also in fells point is Dudas which has good crab cakes. Ships cafe in Catonsville, near where you pick up I-70, has good Maryland seafood such as steamed hard shell crabs, spiced shrimp, crab cakes and crab soup, oysters on half shell. Not sure at what time either opens

Group dinner restaurants for mid-September

How about The Palm in Tyson's corner. They have a room that is perfect size for 14. The Steaks and lobster are great as is almost anything you get there. The servers are so professional. Not sure why it doesn't get more love on this blog.

state college yearly update

The start of a new school year is upon us. so here i am again with the need for a new update of anything new and worthwhile in or near state college

Aug 14, 2014
dining with doc in Pennsylvania

What is your favorite place for crabs and pitchers of beer

Have been on a crab tour this summer. So far the best places have been Costa's in Dundalk Md, Ships cafe in Catonsville! Cantlers or Mikes near annapolis , reiter's in reisterstown and Harris Crab and The crab deck in Kent Narrows.

Annapolis recs?

Sorry I missed your post. Another good choice is Lewnes steakhouse as well as Mikes Crab house although it is similar to Cantlers.

Heckman's Deli

Winner winner chicken dinner. We finally have an exceptional deli. corned beef sandwich was piled high, tender, delish on great in house made rye bread. Chopped liver was great and so was the French fries with gravy. Next time will try the pastrami which looked fabulous and is hand carved like Katz's deli in New York. Definitely try this place out and support it so it stays around for a long time. Can't wait to go back

The good then the ugly. Canal Cafe [Hampton Bays]

It happened as described. The behavior of the owner was so outrageous that I understand your skepticism. But it is the truth. Food was great but owner and waitress behavior and response was rediculous. By the way, they did nothing on their own to try to rectify the situation.

The good then the ugly. Canal Cafe [Hampton Bays]

Thanks. Done!

The good then the ugly. Canal Cafe [Hampton Bays]

Hampton bays. Which is the correct place to post this. The check wasn't that much, the place was packed. He should have picked up the tab. His gesture of desert and that after we asked was grossly inadequate.

The good then the ugly. Canal Cafe [Hampton Bays]

I don't normally post on this board since we live outside of D.C. but I feel obligated to post after my experience this past weekend. We drove over an hour with family who live in Dix Hills because they said we had to try this restaurant for its view and fantastic lobster roll. We arrived and waited about 20 minutes and were seated outside at a waterfront table with a lovely view. We ordered a fried calamari appetizer and each one of us ordered a lobster roll. The food arrived promptly and was very good. Then the ugly. When paying our bill we handed our waitress 2 credit cards to split the bill. About 5 minutes our waitress returned and asked us if we had indeed given her 2 cards. We confirmed this and she said she had thought we had but she had lost my cousins credit card. She pulled out her iPhone and used the flashlight feature to try and find the lost card. 5 minutes later she returned and asked my cousin for another card. When asked what happened to the original card she became defensive saying it wasn't her fault. At that point we asked to speak to the manager. After another 5 minutes the owner/manager came out and said he lost the card. He did not apologize for the inconvenience this would cause. He said he thought he had dropped it under the bar. When we asked him to look for it he said he was too busy to do that. We then told him that we were going to have to cancel the card and that the card was tied into 15 or so merchants that monthly automatic debit the card and that this was going to be a big ,time consuming ,pain in the neck for us. He shrugged his shoulder. We then said at the very least he should comp our check which totaled $128 prior to tip. He said he would not do that and reluctantly offered us desert which we refused. We paid our check and left. We called the owner again the next day and he had not found the card and was very nonchalant about our very disappointing experience. He did not seem to care that his lack of concern was totally unprofessional and despite the quality of his food I believe that he likely will alienate diners again and run this restaurant directly into the canal. Both my cousin and I are physicians and know the importance of good customer service and how an experience like this one can ruin one's reputation. Therefore, despite a good lobster roll, you will never see me returning to this restaurant and I cannot recommend it to fellow chow hounds.

best crab cakes in maryland - any suggestions?

Went to Costa's on north point blvd last night and had an excellent Maryland crab cake as well as a dozen steamed crabs.

Good Lebanese food in the DC area?

Lebanese Taverna. Multiple locations throughout

best crab cakes in maryland - any suggestions?

I thought the op asked about the best crab cakes and it is clear that Samos crab cake holds a place on that list. Also chow hound is not all about new's all about the food. The food has to stand on its own regardless of the theme of the place

best crab cakes in maryland - any suggestions?

I have not been but don't understand why someone would not want to get out in Greek town

best crab cakes in maryland - any suggestions?

i love the crab cake at Samos restaurant in greektown section of baltimore. it is a greek restaurant and has great food including great crabcakes

It's Saturday. It's summer. I want shrimp. And NO I DON'T want to clean/make/prep/grill/ it myself at home.

Go to the floating seafood markets on Maine avenue and you will be in shrimp and other seafood paradise