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Oases in the South Bay food desert?

Welcome to Chowhound!

Spend some time playing with the site's search function. If someone mentions a restaurant of interest, do a search for it and you may find other posts with related content.

Here's a post with a few restaurants you might find of interest.

Here's a list of non-Cantonese Chinese restaurants throughout the Bay Area, with lots of listings for the South Bay. Search for individual places to see what to eat: (flipping through yelp photos is also useful because Chowhound has relatively weak coverage of the South Bay)

about 21 hours ago
hyperbowler in San Francisco Bay Area

Chowhound Beta Site Part V

Is anyone able to add tags to old posts? I haven't had that functionality for a few days either on my phone or on a laptop

SF restaurants for out of town guests

It depends on where they're coming from!

In general, I'd replace:
Burma Superstar with Mandalay
Spices II with Chili House

Out of towner success at:
Pupusas (La Palma daytime; La Santaneca night)
Terra Cotta Warrior
Namu Gaji
Bar Tartine
Saigon Sandwich
20th Century Cafe
Ice Cream Bar / Humphrey Slocumbe

I like and plan to bring people to in the future:
Neighbor Bakehouse / B Patisserie
Aina brunch or Liholiho dinner
Kin Khao
Zare at the Flytrap

This was the itinerary for an all day Mission food and mural crawl we took midwestern friends to in June. 4-5 people total. We hung out in Dolores Park to eat the pizza and banh mi. Starred items are higher priority.

*Wise sons: bialy with smoked salmon
Mission Minis
Craftsmen and Wolves
Dandelion Chocolate
Duc loi: roast pork and lemongrass banh mi
*Pizzeria Delfina: margherita
*Little Star: classic (though, I agree with others that Divis location is better)
*Bi-Rite: mint ice cream sandwiches so we didn't have to wait in line
*Taqueria vallarta: suadero taco, neck taco
La Taqueria: super carnitas taco dorado
*La Santaneca : loroco and cheese pupusa

MY China - SF

Not-outstanding isn't so much a concern when certain dishes aren't available elsewhere. The noodles are good, but the dishes they're prepared in have room for improvement and I hope things like scissor-cut noodles start showing up elsewhere.

What do you like there? In addition to my write-ups above, I'm not a fan of their rice cakes with wild boar, mu-shu tacos, or bok choy with Chinese salted fish sauce (not to my personal taste--- given how not spicy their spicy dishes are, I was surprised this was as fishy as it was).

MY China - SF

MY China has been open for about three years, and has inspired no other restaurant to begin making the noodle dishes they specialize in. Copycats, where are you?

MY China's squid ink snap noodles have no rival in the bay area. The style of noodles is of Shanxi origin, and they are made by pulling a disc off the top of a thick strip of dough and making a thumb imprint as it shoots off into boiling water . The hand motion is different, but the technique looks close to that for Tibetan "then thuk."

It looks like the technique is different than what I understand about orecchiette-like "cat ear noodles", which are formed by a thumb on a board and sometimes made with buckwheat flour. Then again, the Italian technique varies, so maybe they do so here as well. Would these be considered "cat ear noodles?"

The dish is good, but as a whole doesn't work. The garlic, ginger, onions, bell peppers, and seafood made a great stir-fry-- the shrimp are crisp, the squid bouncy and tender. The texture of the noodles is great too-- thick and just like homemade orecchiette.
The failure is that the flavors of the other ingredients overpower the snap noodles, and I couldn't get any sense of squid ink or flour flavor.

Roast Duck: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2015

The skin in MY China's peking duck is thick, mahogany, and greaseless. It's flavor is strong enough to come through when a single piece is stuffed into the buns they supplied with the dish. The skin stayed crisp throughout the meal and it is delicious. The meat tastes like poultry, but in a blind taste test I would not be able to say it is not chicken. They fully render out the fat.

The preparation is not technically Peiking duck – – they attempt to separate the skin from the meat in only half the pieces, and they fused so well in one piece I thought they were glued together

Chowhound Beta Site Part V

Can you open up a new post? This one is long and therefore slow.

The font size for uploading on iPhone is too big. Also, I hope you will soon activated feature which enables us to upload multiple pictures at a time when we reply to a post. Right now we have to manually input each one

The Clay Pot House on Clement [San Francisco]

I got a mixed preserved meat claypot last night and it was fantastic. The servers instructed me to mix the pot after it arrived to the table, and to dress it with that pickled jalapeno and soy sauce mixture. Chinese sausage and slices of pork belly retained their flavors, and the other components, to good effect, sacrificed much of their flavors to the rice. Lots of crust formed, some pieces in nice rafts, and bits I scraped up stayed crisp even in my leftovers.

I hope the bitter melon with seaweed that escargot3 ate is a seasonal item that returns-- it wasn't on the menu last night. The only bitter melon dish was, I think, bitter melon with beef and black beans. The closest item is loofah squash with cellophane noodles (fen si) and dried shrimp which was fine, but not my cup of tea.

The meal had started off with the complimentary house soup-- a chicken broth with black eyed peas, cubes of tofu, and no hint of MSG. The broth was stronger than I was expecting, more flavorful than salty, and the carrot flavor came through.

SFBA Dish of the Month Nominations (June to December 2015)

Bump. Might as well bump. Bump!
Aaa-ohh Hey you! Who said that?

Volunteers for SFBA Dish of the Month Coordinator (June to December 2015)

Anheiser? Busch? Bueller? Bueller?

El Cerrito pub crawl

Right---I've seen it at trucks in So-Cal but here only in restaurants

El Cerrito pub crawl

Venezuelan Cafe might trump El Mono for lunch. Thanks for the tip!

On the lunch front, this is of potential interest and I've not seen anyone talk about it here:

I like hanging out at Albatross, but I agree about their beer. Most of our group has been there before. I'll nix it.

El Cerrito pub crawl

It's called Tacos El Autlense -- I'm definitely putting it on the list!

According to a thread discussing them at another location, they have something that's not too typical up here, "consume."

Central Islip dinner advice

Great, thanks for the suggestions. Any particular stand out dishes at Ciro's or Porsia's?

Ha, I live within 1/2 mile of the one Pollo Campero in Northern California. It's a big draw for the neighborhood's Latino families, and the line down the block on its opening week was amusing given the area's stereotype of hipsters waiting in long lines for no good reason. If I had a longer trip, I think Pollo Campero might be a safe option for the family!

El Cerrito pub crawl

I'm helping plan a full-day pub crawl starting from central El Cerrito Plaza, and going south to the Missouri Lounge and back. This will be pared down. What do you think? Any specialty drinks that we must try? Any snacks we should plan along the way that will be open past, say, 4pm (we'll doubtfully get to Doughnut Dolly or Acme Bread in time)

El Mono | Fresh Flavors of Peru

Southward path
Hotsy Totsy (cocktails) (snack if desired at Banh Mi Ba Le Vietnamese Sandwich Deli before/after)
Club Mallard
Ivy Room (cocktails)
Albany Taproom (beer)
Snack at Casa Latina or Paisan or Smoke en route

Dinner & drinks:
Missouri Lounge

Northward path:
Acme Bar (whiskey)
Albatross (beer/wine)
Elevation 66 brewery
Mel O Dee

See also:

Chowhound Beta Site Part V

I guess that makes sense, and would be fixable by me if tagging was working right now.

So, if I tagged it "Long Island" and "NY (not NYC)," would it show up on old chowhound in the NY (not NYC) board?

If I tag it "Long Island," "NY (not NYC)," and "SFBA," which board on the old CH does it go to?

Aug 26, 2015
hyperbowler in Site Talk

Central Islip dinner advice

I'm visiting family in Central Islip next week, and could use a dinner recommendation within a 20 minute drive.


- entrees $20 or less
- something that shows off Long Island. I grew up there, and Italian American is what I generally gravitate to when I return home. It doesn't have to be Italian American--- something better or different than what I can get where I live in San Francisco would be nice (I'm going to Branchanelli's the night before, and the family has vetoed Mama Lombardi's for some reason).
- comfortable for 6 people total, some with more conservative tastes

Vinnie's Mulberry Street has been suggested. Any thoughts on the place?

Chowhound Beta Site Part V

Here's a replication of the same problem (I chose bars & rest. and included two tags, it put in general discussion):

Aug 26, 2015
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Chowhound Beta Site Part V

3 pics

Aug 26, 2015
hyperbowler in Site Talk

Chowhound Beta Site Part V

Can you please move it to the NY (not NYC) board when you're done looking at it--- I was hoping to get restaurant feedback asap!

I still can't add tags

Aug 26, 2015
hyperbowler in Site Talk

Chowhound Beta Site Part V

1) new post--- restaurants and bars selected, but it posted to general topics

Same problem replicated on a laptop.

Aug 25, 2015
hyperbowler in Site Talk

Regional Chinese roundup 2.0

Spice Kitchen (Desi Chinese, Newark) closed
Spices (Sichuan/Taiwanese, SF Inner Richmond @ 294 8th Ave) is closed according to y*lp

Chowhound Beta Site Part V

15 swipes to get down to this from the OP. On old chow hound, 9 swipes.

Ah... On my laptop, I'm unable to add labels to my post either.

Aug 25, 2015
hyperbowler in Site Talk

Chowhound Beta Site Part V

On iPhone:
1) new post--- restaurants and bars selected, but it posted to general topics
2) there is no option to add tags
3) scrolling painfully slow
4) snippets of original posts and new comments show, one per screen. This is fine for a local board I care about, but the site is unusable for planning a trip on another board
5) the bottom of the box i'm currently typing is hidden by the keyboard.

San Francisco’s Newest Fast Food: Healthy, Cheap and Served by Robots

Nothing new--- cafe gratitude has had robot workers for decades ;-)

Taste of Jiangnan on Clement in San Francisco?

Tamago? Interesting. To what sounds like a similar effect, the Shanghai wonton soup at Full House in Burlingame used ji cai in the filling and seaweed in the soup.

MaLa Xiang Guo in San Francisco???

Possumspice, The OP asked their question in the soon to be dismantled Q&a format, which is why you can't reply directly to a sub post

Regional Chinese roundup 2.0

Taste of Jiangnan (Wuxi / Jiangsu; Inner Richmond)

Tags to add

Pat, I don't completely understand the rationale behind not having a hierarchy. Here's a suggestion that might appease both camps--- have the hierarchy an under the hood feature and make it opt out rather than opt in. That would prevent newbies from creating orphan city tags that no one sees, and people who prefer the old community set up.

For example, When a newbie tags Oakland, the current categorization would (SFBA) automatically get attached too. If the user decides they don't want SFBA attached, they'd have he option of crossing it out. If a long time user wants to tag Oakland, the automatic SFBA tag would save them an extra step of tag searching for the SFBA tag.

With this type of set-up, you need not have a messy page showing the relationship between individual tags and their automatically attached (parent) regions.

SFBA vs. LA Chinese --- any advantages? is your 2009 report on the now closed Taishan café. It is now called clay pot house and has specialties from that area still