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Nasty film on my hands after cutting butternut squash

thank you thank you to everyone who posted
their weird skin reactions while chopping up
Butternut squash - i thought something permanent
and bizzare was going on. I feel much much bettet
now knowing i am not alone and that it is somewhat
normal. Just have to wait for my hand to return to
normal (note to self: do not peel butternut squash
just prior to important event that involves showing
my hands!!!)

Oct 18, 2011
JayneS in General Topics

Where to find Golden Syrup in Mtl?

Hi, i just wanted to let you know that Lyle's Golden
Syrup is available for purchase at the Brit & Chips Restaurant
At 433 McGill College Street in Old Montreal. You
May want to phone first, their number is 514-840-1001.

May 31, 2011
JayneS in Quebec (inc. Montreal)