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I ordered 4 jars of PB2 from Bell Plantation...

PB2 is unbelievable! I'm in a weight management progam that uses liquid shakes (HMR) and adding PB2 to the vanilla shake along with ice and a bit of water makes the shake awesome. As a recovering "regular PB junkie", PB2 is really true to taste. I even recently reconstituted it with water and it's great.

As to the calorie count above from JugglerDave, 12g of PB2 makes two tablespoons, so the calorie comparison is as follows:

FAT: PB2 has 2.84 grams of fat or 25.56 fat calories (fat is 9 calories per gram), regular PB has 16 grams of fat, which is 144 fat calories, so PB2 has only 18% of the fat that regular PB has (25 cals/144 cals).

PROTEIN: PB2 has 4.37 grams or 17.48 protein calories (protein is 4 calories per gram), regular PB has 8 grams of protein or 32 protein calories, so PB2 has 55% of the protein calories (17.48 cals/32 cals).

CARBS: PB2 has 3.75 grams of carbs or 15 carb calories (carbs are 4 calories per gram) and regular PB has 6 grams of carbs or 24 carb calories, so PB2 has 63% of the carbs calories (15 cals/24 cals).

Overall, PB2 is an excellent product that is all natural and a great way to save calories and still satisfy that peanut butter craving. If it wasn't excellent, it wouldn't be sold out on almost every website.

May 31, 2011
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