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Wedding rehearsal dinner restaurant in the UC Berekley area.

I have some suggestions for places that will either let you rent the restaurant, or have private rooms. That is my old neighborhood, and I do the events for my company - we are always looking for a private room!

Oliveto on college. they are consistently solid and the restaurant is classy, rehearsal dinner level.

Revival on Shattuck Avenue has a private room.
Five in the Hotel Shattuck - they may let you seat 20 in the restaurant, but if you're giving speeches you may want to get a small room in the hotel's meeting space.
SeaSalt on San Pablo has a Semi-Private room not technically campus area, but close.
Lake Chalet at Lake Merritt is lovely but a little far.
Venus on Shattuck may be available for a private event.
Bistro Liason on Shattuck will let you rent the place but they have a high F&B Minimum
Taste of the Himalayas - Indian! Good! Private room.
I have heard Rumors that Cesar on Shattuck has a private room, but have never seen it or been quoted. Call them and ask if they know of anywhere that offers a private room. They are well connected in the neighborhood.

There are tons of places on Solano Avenue in Albany, too - which is about a 10 minute drive. Sounds like you may need to reach the places on foot? In that case, Revival is a good bet. Right by Bart, and campus - food is a solid 4 out of 5.....

Oliveto Restaurant
5655 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

Best Grocery in the Mission?

wow this is awesome...maybe I should look into splitting this with someone. Seems like the quantities are high. Is the mystery box for 2 person households?

Best Grocery in the Mission?

Had a meh, so so experience with the CSA deliveries. I like the adventure and ingenuity it inspired, but on some weeks when I get a lot of turnips and rhubarb I'm finding myself going to the store anyways to round out weekly recipes.

Best Grocery in the Mission?

Thanks! I popped into Duc Loi over the weekend and was appalled at the state of their bananas (can you tell I'm a food snob. Appalled! by! Bananas!)

Best Grocery in the Mission?

Thanks, Everyone. I'm thinking I may do big shops every other week @ BB West (bite the bullet and drive over) and then supplement as needed at the little corner joints.

Best Grocery in the Mission?

Hello! I just moved tothe 18th and Guerrero from the East Bay, and I'm having Berkeley Bowl/Monterrey Market withdrawals. The infamous Safeway on Market may have cut it for me 3 years ago, but now a girl needs more more than hermetically sealed herbs and sad looking hard as rocks avocados for $$$.

Where do you go to grocery shop, Mission/Castro dwellers? Help a hardcore home chef out!

Rainbow Grocery seems to have the "mission" (no pun intended) right, but the prices seem a little prohibitive.

Thanks much! This is my first ChowHound post, so be kind. :)

Rainbow Grocery
1745 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103