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Dubrovnik Dining

Hi! Does anyone have Dubrovnik restaurant reservations? I will be there 3 nights. One night I was planning on going to Restaurant Nautika. Another night to Konaviski Dvori. And the last night I couldnt decide between Prora, Posat or Gils. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations?

Thanks much!!

Jun 16, 2011
laurend123 in Europe

Dinner recommendations in Split

Hello! Can anyone help me decide where to eat in Split? I will be there for just one night. The restaurants that have been recommended to me thus far are Boban, Sumica, Sperun, Jure, Kadena and Bota Sare. Would love help narrowing down this list.


Jun 16, 2011
laurend123 in Europe

Edinburgh Dining

Thank you for your responses! I appreciate all of your opinions. On that note, please let me know if there are any speciality shops or bars that you suggest visiting. Do you think Cafe Royal is worth visiting or too touristy?

Be well.

Jun 02, 2011
laurend123 in U.K./Ireland

Edinburgh Dining

Help! I will be in Edinburgh for just a day and a half and need opinions on where to dine. I have a list of restaurants from my hotel, but the list is too long. If anyone can help narrow down the following list, it would be much appreciated! My family and I are looking to enjoy some authentic Scottish cuisine, as well as dine in beautiful surroundings. Any suggestions would be great though. Thank you!

Number One
Martin Wishart
Castle Terrace
Stac Polly
Cucina at the Missoni Hotel
The Grain Store
Angels with Bagpipes
Monteith's Bar

May 31, 2011
laurend123 in U.K./Ireland