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Roti Canai in Montreal?

Anyone know where I can purchase (probably frozen) roti canai in Montreal? Specifically looking for the Maylaysian style roti! Been looking everywhere!

First visit to Savannah

Yeah, I've heard good things about Crystal as well. Happy hour any good? Been debating Local 11 as well....still have room for another dinner. Thanks for the feedback!

Aug 07, 2013
topchef4LIFE in Southeast

First visit to Savannah

Heard good things about the Cotton Exchange. Will definitely hit Leopold's for some dessert!

Aug 07, 2013
topchef4LIFE in Southeast

First visit to Savannah

Hey fellow hounds,

In a few weeks I'll be visiting Savannah (and Charleston but will save that for another thread!) and as you may have guessed, I'm looking for some suggestions. We'll be there for 3 days and I've scoured the boards and have seen several restaurants mentioned over and over again. The gf and I are adventurous eaters and LOVE seafood (how are the oysters in the summer months?). Budget is not an issue although I don't want to pay through the nose unless it's worth it.

So far the restaurant list includes the following confirmed spots (although can be changed according to feedback I get here!):

Dinners at Alligator Soul and Olde Pink House (have room for one more dinner)

Lunch at Soho South and possibly at Sundae Cafe should we make it to Tybee (if worth it)

Other possibilities include: Crystal beer parlor, local 11 ten, Vic's on the river, and Narobies grits and gravy. I've decided to forgo Elizabeth on 37th after reading mixed reviews....still on the fence about it though. Thought about adding Wilkes dining room to the mix, but don't really feel like waiting in line.

Obviously the list is a touch long considering how long we'll be there, but this is why I need you're help!!!

Aug 04, 2013
topchef4LIFE in Southeast

New mexican place opening on boul St Jean?

I work right next door. Will report once I give it a try. Hoping it actually works and food is good.....unlike Karma and Zento sushi.

Late night eats - Downtown


I'll be in Toronto, staying downtown and need a few recs for late night eats. Any updates/new suggestions?


3rd trip to glorious NOLA-Please advise on resto itinerary!


Thanks for taking the time. Great reply!

I went to August for lunch last year and was very impressed, especially for the price. This year, wanted to try dinner out, perhaps even the tasting menu.

I checked out Coquette, definitely my kind of menu. Lunch is another steal at 20$ so may have to make a change to my itinerary. Do you have any recs on good cocktail bars?

Really looking forward to this trip.....but good thing my hotel has a gym. I'll have to be disciplined and make good use of it!

Jul 18, 2012
topchef4LIFE in New Orleans

3rd trip to glorious NOLA-Please advise on resto itinerary!

Thanks for the reply Bill.

I too am wondering if 3 square meals is a bit much for longer 18 unfortunately. Last time I was in Nola, I had a lot of Creole food and by the end of it I was looking for tacos and sushi! Hope it doesn't happen this time around.

Was also thinking of Galatoire's but may need to save that for next year! I've heard the coffeepot is a little touristy although Camelia grill seems to be quite popular.

I think the easiest thing for me to do would be to just move down to Nola permanently :)

Jul 17, 2012
topchef4LIFE in New Orleans

3rd trip to glorious NOLA-Please advise on resto itinerary!

Fellow Hounds,

This will be the 3rd year running that I will be going to New Orleans. I quickly fell in love with the city after my first visit and am always planning my next trip. I'll be heading down in August (hot I know, but only time I have off!), and have planned to visit the following restaurants. Please let me know what you all think and feel free to make any amendments/comments! Still have a few open spots but not many!

Day 1:

- Acme oyster house for lunch (looking for lots of oysters!)
- Restaurant August for dinner (2nd time here, love Besh's food)

Day 2:

- Stanley's for bfast
- Possibly cochon butcher for lunch or Johnny's po-boys
- Dinner at Cochon

Day 3:

- Bfast at Luke
- Lunch at Parkway Bakery
- Dinner at Jacque Imo's

Day 4:

- Bfast: nothing planned yet
- Lunch at Borgne
- Dinner is still up in the air: possibly Domenica, GW fins, or KPauls Louisiana Kitchen

Day 5:

- Bfast:
- Lunch perhaps Mahonys for poboys
- Final dinner at Revolution (new place next to the Sonesta, friend knows chef personally)

So how does this look so far? Good choices or anything here way too touristy?


Jul 17, 2012
topchef4LIFE in New Orleans

Orlando ChowTour '11

Yosemite...although I'm posting close to 2 months later, just wanted to let you know that a couple of buddies of mine and I are going to attempt your Chowtour! Will post a report next week!

May 30, 2011
topchef4LIFE in Florida