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Oat Flour Muffins--why so gummy?

Wanting a "bowl of oatmeal I can carry in my hand" to eat on the way to work so I can exercise in the AM, I made 100% oat flour muffins based on a recipe from The Austerity Kitchen (

Heeding HLing's advice on mixing the oat flour with fat, I ground 3-cups of old fashioned oats with 1-cup of walnuts, then basically followed the recipe (I veganized it, left out melted shortening, and added cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger) and made it as a loaf. It was a nice, light texture - not in the least gummy. It was quick, easy, and fit the bill - and the walnuts gave it a bit of protein boost. I initially tried steal cut oats, but my elderly processor vetoed them.

Now that I know the basic recipe works, I will experiment with adding fruit to my morning "bowl" of oatmeal!

May 30, 2011
Eselpee in Home Cooking