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Best chinese BBQ Pork

Really great ...slightly better than Kom Jug but a little more coin. Still cheapo tho.
Not too dry.
I would also say T&T market fresh and the biggest portion size in the city.

Best chinese BBQ Pork

yes!!! Four dollars on rice!!

Toronto's best veal sandwich?

The best ever...
Get with Mushrooms and extra cheese. omg amazing and always consistant quality.

California Sandwiches
3703 Chesswood Dr, Toronto, ON M3J2P6, CA

Best Hot and Sour Soup????

Their Hot and Sour was totaly bland in my opinion. I went with Chitlin ...and we were shocked when the 12.00 bowl arrived and was smaller thanany of the $5-$7 bowls we have ordered in many other places. I am a spice woose...really sensitive...and even I found this to be devoid of flavour or spice. No tanginess/sour though there were good sized chunks of tofu etc. I think this is the place to go for lobster though. Great deals. takes some serious effort to be this rude.

Best Hot and Sour Soup????

My all time fave and sooooo cheap considering it has chunks of tofu, shredded bbq pork, and descent sized shrimps...a little on the sweet side but definately hot and sour. The size small is big enough to feed two people if you are having just one other item.
The bathrooms though...less than fresh.