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Buffalo Wing Tour 2011 (westchester/putnam)

Did you guys review candlelight yet? I've always thought of them as the number one place, however like someone else mentioned I have heard that they fell off slightly in the past few years.

French Dip Sandwich in Westchester - where?

From what I read and been told the food there is real good. There's even a thread somewhere on here about them.
edit. heres the link:

Buffalo Wing Tour 2011 (westchester/putnam)

I love sweet chili sauce...sorry I just wanted to add that.

Buffalo Wing Tour 2011 (westchester/putnam)

My friend swears lazy boys is better than the candlelight in regards to wings however I have tried them a few times and just dont see it. To me candlelight will always be number one.

Food trucks?

Not yet but I'm sure westchester will soon be flooded with them as they continue to pop up all over NYC.

New BBQ Joint in Scarsdale

Not yet...I have kids so its hard to go out to restaurants...looking more for takeout or delivery. There is really no where to get good "foodie food" as delivery or takeout. Someone should really fill that void.

New BBQ Joint in Scarsdale

I was looking forward to trying it but I guess I'll wait and hopefully they will work out the kinks. It's nice to have something different in westchester rather than pizza, chinese and delis if only they could execute it.