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Sushi/Japanese, Can't Afford O Ya

I'm looking for somewhere to take my husband for a special dinner. We love sitting at the bar/sushi bar, and are hoping to do Japanese. Ideally we'd go to O Ya, but it's more than we're willing to spend. Would love to keep the whole meal at or under $150 including drinks (though not necessarily tax and tip).

Boston or the Western Suburbs, we're very open! We're not locals, just visiting, so I'm at a loss and would appreciate any help...

O Ya
9 East Street, Boston, MA 02111

May 17, 2010
ABT in Greater Boston Area


Thanks for the input -- I was hoping to do Balade instead of Mogador, since Mogodor doens't take weekend night reservations... but guess I'll have to rethink that plan!

Mar 10, 2010
ABT in Manhattan


Anyone been to Balade in the East Village? I love Lebanese food, but haven't been able to find many reports (it's relatively new)...

Mar 09, 2010
ABT in Manhattan

MoonCake Foods

Yeah, Mooncake is one of those places I go to when in the area, since there's not much else around and you can get a good sandwich there, but it's never wowwed me. It's fine, but somehow I always want it to be better (I'm talking about the one in chelsea, haven't been to the other one)...I'll definitely give Rheon a try, though, thanks for the tip.

Feb 17, 2010
ABT in Manhattan

Restaurant recco for marriage proposal

Here's a link to what restaurants were doing for menus and prices last Valentine's Day -- you should note that most of these places only offer the set menus for that night (EMP is on this list, so you should check whether they also offer the usual menu), often more expensive than their regular fare, but not as good. People -- mostly people who don't go to expensive restaurants very often -- pay up for the privilege of eating somewhere fancy on V-Day, which can make even the best of restaurants feel very touristy:

Dec 15, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

New chocolate shop in Chelsea

Nope, not Three Tarts. The OP is referring to the new place that's a few doors up (I believe) from Three Tarts (see second paragraph of OP's post), which must have just opened, since when I walked by 2 weeks ago it still had a "coming soon" sign in the window. I'm very excited that they're selling Stumptown... but it does worry me that they're opening so close to Three Tarts, since this corridor is already jammed with sweets places (three tarts, le bergamote, Billy's), so I hope it survives!

Dec 13, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

Rickshaw Dumplings

Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the place, but last time I was there, which was pretty recently, they offered all of their dumplings either steamed or fried.

Nov 23, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

Please tell me about Pret a Manger for lunch

As everyone else says, it's just pre-made fast food sandwiches with fresh ingredients, but if you're looking to sit down, I'd go to the one right on sixth avenue, just a few blocks south of radio city. It has more seating and is larger than many of the others.

Nov 12, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

Lunch near High Line

Yes, there are definitely little cafe tables and chairs for eating near the 16th street entrance of the high line (only about 4 blocks from the bottom, making it right in the middle of the part of the high line that's open) so you can grab a picnic and chelsea market, exit the market on the 10th avenue side, and take the elevator right up to the high line, walk just a bit south and you'll see the tables.

If you strictly want to stick to starting at the bottom, there's a Fig & Olive pretty close by that's nice for moms.

Oct 12, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

Dinner for 15 in/around Meatpacking

I believe that for groups of more than 8 or 10 they require the more more-expensive-than-usual prix fixe.

Sep 23, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

Wedding food at Central Park Boathouse

spring, summer and fall weekends book up about a year ahead of time, but if you're willing to do a weeknight or winter, you have a little more leeway, I believe.

Sep 22, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

Dinner in or near Chelsea: need good food, but quiet dining room

Wallse is pretty quiet. Also, halfsteak, the front room at Craftsteak, is usually very sedate. I like O Mai a lot, but it's very casual and a little more cramped than the other places mentioned.

Sep 22, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

Chowish Stroll on the High Line

If you're just looking for something snackish, or takeout to eat on the highline, Chelsea Market is right there (the highline goes right through it).

Also nearby, O Mai for great vietnamese (open for dinner only, not lunch), Le Grainne for casual crepes and salads, and Halfsteak (the front room of Craftsteak, not super-casual, but everything is under $15).

Sep 20, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca -- June 2009 report

In my experience, the bar area is always full of people waiting to eat at the bar or a table, whichever happens to open up first...because there are occasions, from what I've seen, where tables do open up unexpectedly.

Also, because the tables in the bar area are first come, first served, I've also seen walk-ins who don't want to sit at the bar, but would rather wait for one of those front tables, so some walk-ins do come specifically requesting a table... and often have to wait a long time as a result.

Sep 04, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

West Village charming (French) restaurant?

I really wouldn't recommend Tartine for a date. It's more of a casual neighborhood cafe with dependable if not great food in my experience. As noted below, Le Sirene is much better, as is Le Gigot if there are any cancellations!

You could also try Cafe Cluny, right in that area. Charming corner, food is always reliable and space is cozy.

Sep 01, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

Challenge - fun dinner followed by rooftop cocktails

I've only been to 230 Fifth once, the year it opened, and it was mobbed. We had a space reserved, but getting the waitresses attention to get drinks was hard (And once our order was in, it took forever for the drinks to arrive). And moving around the rooftop was tough given the throngs of people crushed into the huge space.

Jun 08, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

Babbo Review - Short

I agree -- most of my local nyc friends request the upstairs when they want a quiet meal, away from the downstairs noise which some of them find gets in the way of their meal. Also, a lot of new yorkers (those who can afford to eat at babbo, etc) leave the city on holiday weekends, so any somewhat-upscale restaurant you go to over memorial day will likely be filled with out-of-towners. I'm always saying holiday weekends are great times to go to tough-to-get-into restaurants, since most new yorkers are gone and the lines tend to be shorter.

May 27, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

double date w/ mom-where to go?

I too, think the atmosphere is great for what you're looking for. I've had many meals at Cookshop. Some have been great, others have only been pretty good -- but the overall experience (food plus cocktails plus atmosphere plus service) always leaves me really happy. Menu is a great mix for the foodie/veggie/carnivore mixed crew. I'd keep this reservation.

May 08, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

(1st post, very exciting!) Fantastically yummy anniversary dinner recs?

I love Crispo, but it's not a big night out kind of place. It's a casual, brick-walled Italian, the kind of place I go with a few friends, or with my parents or in-laws when they're in town and want to do something comfortable with good food. Babbo is definitely more of a special night out kind of place, you get the fun vibe but also feel pampered. Lupa is more casual, with a crowded and hectic vibe, but the food is great. I like Apizz, but it never feels as special to me as other people find it.

I haven't beent to Scarpetta, but it seems to fit your bill and friends who've been loved it. So I'd put Babbo and Scarpetta on the top of your list.

Apr 14, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

Lunch in The West Village

Wallse is a great alternative to Perry St. They do a great lunch, and like lanadai says, it's never crowded.

Apr 10, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

Dim sum with babies

We're looking to grab weekend dim sum in Chinatown, and will have one, maybe two babies in tow. I'm wondering how accommodating Dim Sum Go Go will be to strollers (I know they don't have high chairs!), or if anyone has other suggestions for places with good dim sum, not crazy waits, and either high chairs or a high stroller-tolerance? Thanks!

Apr 08, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

Dinner place for parents?

Sounds like Da Andrea -- though I haven't been since they moved to their new location. Anyone been?

Le Zie, on 7th Avenue at 20th, is also a good bet. Very good, pretty inexpensive Italian. Ask to sit in the cozier back room. I don't think they take reservations, but I've never had trouble getting a table.

Feb 26, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

Visiting Bostonions - Balthazar or Gotham, etc.?

Once at Craftbar, one of our entrees never came. Since we were a group and were sharing, we had more than enough food and were fine without it. But then it showed up on the bill. When we asked the waiter to have the charge removed, he got really huffy and actually said, "Are you serious? You want me to go back and take that off your bill? My shift is ending and I should be out of here already."

As for Five Points, I like Cookshop (same owners) better. And I've only been to Commerce once, but the food was good (almost excellent, but not quite) and the vibe very energetic.

Haven't been to Gotham, but Balthazar is a real brasserie -- loud, rowdy, a lot of fun if you ask me.

Feb 17, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

Dim Sum Go Go - crowds?

Am going to Dim Sum Go Go this weekend (not sure if we're going Sat or Sun), group of 4 adults and one kid. The earliest we could get there is around noon. To avoid the long waits, would we be best to go on the later side (3 pm?)? Any advice would be appreciated!

Feb 17, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

He wants to meet for coffee or tea...

'Snice is a good idea. It's close to the ACE trains, there are almost always seats, and the food id pretty good and there are a lot of drink choices....

Feb 05, 2009
ABT in Manhattan

Union Square/Flatiron/Chelsea lunch

I'd love to do Toqueville (it's on my list for another time!), but need something more casual for this lunch. Also, we may not have time for a full three courses... though the location is perfect for us.

Sep 28, 2008
ABT in Manhattan

Union Square/Flatiron/Chelsea lunch

I'm looking for a spot for lunch with an out-of-town friend I haven't seen in years. I'd do Cookshop, but want to be a bit further east. Something relaxing (nice and not-stuffy atmosphere for catching up), inexpensive to moderate, American/New American/French eats. Any ideas? I'm willing to dip into the northern West Village, too...

Sep 28, 2008
ABT in Manhattan

Restaurant to watch a ballgame

Village, on West 9th street, is great for this if you sit in the bar area (try to get one of the booths, if they'll let only two of you sit at them) where there's a TV.

Jul 30, 2008
ABT in Manhattan

Any tips for a Babbo first timer?

I totally agree -- I'm never as excited about my secondi at Babbo, so the 2 apps, 2 pasta, 1 secondi and dessert plan sounds perfect. And it's more than enough food....

Jun 10, 2008
ABT in Manhattan

Babbo: Secondi or No?

I'd go with four antipasti, four primi, and a couple of desserts. I think the desserts are very worth saving room for.

Honestly, the pastas are really filling, and the secondi have, for the most part disappointed me. They're good, but I'm usually too full from the excellent pastas to enjoy them. As for your choices, I haven't had all of them, but give a hearty rec for the lamb's tounge and the beef cheek ravioli. I liked the mint love letters, but they're not for everyone.

Apr 22, 2008
ABT in Manhattan