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Santa Barbara "Urban Trail" wineries

Thanks. The concert is Saturday. Friday is the drive, lunch, wine and house for BBQ. Maybe we can just find a nice lunch spot on the way up from LA (and Bring a fee sea smoke stashed away) and do the recommended urban trail wineries with our rented bikes Saturday! Though buzzed on a tandem may be quite the adventure!

Mar 13, 2015
notsuperwoman in California

Santa Barbara "Urban Trail" wineries

Thanks everyone. It sounds like there are several good choices. Among them, do any have a lunching spot associated with it that you would recommend.

Mar 12, 2015
notsuperwoman in California

Santa Barbara "Urban Trail" wineries

Would anyone recommend a winery listed on this "urban trail," which is basically in Santa Barbara central plus Summerland? We're getting a car with friends mainly as transport from LA to Santa Barbara for a weekend away, centered not around wine but a concert. I thought it might be nice to stop at a winery as long as we have the car (possibly in search of something to pair with our tri-tip bbq). I don't want to add two hours to the car ride on day of arrival though, so the "urban trail" is what would be within reach

Au Bon Climat
Cottonwood Canyon
Happy Canyon
Jamie Slone
Municipal Winemakers
Santa Barbara Winery
Silver *
Valley Project


Mar 11, 2015
notsuperwoman in California


I almost never post, but I had to agree with you and everyone above about Barney Greenglass and particularly the sturgeon. It's like jewish hamachi.

Carmageddon Teen Chow along Metro Red Line

Wow. Talk about en pointe! I'm inspired too.

Carmageddon Teen Chow along Metro Red Line

Heck yes. With public transportation, how fortuitous!

Carmageddon Teen Chow along Metro Red Line

Ooooh! I just looked up 25 Degrees. Uber-burgers in the historic and notoriously haunted Roosevelt Hotel, a block from the station. Perfect!!! Thanks.

Carmageddon Teen Chow along Metro Red Line

I'm a bit of a luddite, so I didn't know about the map. I'll give it a go.

From your list, Umami near the Vermont/Sunset station(.2 miles is what the map says) might be a good choice. My son's wanted to try Umami. And I like the original one quite a bit.

Budget is probably sub-20 per person entree. Probably not Far, South or Near East cuisine.

Carmageddon Teen Chow along Metro Red Line

Hi Chowhounds.

I'm taking 6 teens to Halloween Haunt at Universal on, I just realized, Carmageddon II. Traffic and parking are expected to be ghoulish (ha!).

I was hoping for ideas on a place to park and have a 60-90 minute dinner along the Metro Red Line, between downtown and Universal. Langers won't be open. The guys palates are developed about 1/2 way between pizza and foie gras. Those areas are not local for us, so we've only destination dined in the proximity.

Here are the stops.

7th St/Metro Center

Westlake/MacArthur Park



Vermont/Santa Monica





Universal City

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

things we keep

And then you realize most of the gadgetry sits there because right in front of your face are your:

POTS (electric tea kettle, fondue maker, hotpot, air pop machine, digital steamer)

PANS (foreman grill, panini maker, microwave egg poacher, deepfryer, crepe maker, electric wok)

and KNIVES (mandolin, egg slicer, food processor, garlic press, avocado scoop, herb mincer, apple corer, carrot peeler, mango splitter, bagel splitter, electric carver, cheese wire, french fry cutter)

All of the ooh and aaah of the catalog . . . and then you just go, "nevermind" I'll just use the knife.

Sep 08, 2011
notsuperwoman in General Topics

Help for Beach Party Menu

Thanks for those extensive thoughts. I love the idea of all that variety in marinades and condiments. At the potluck version of this party, kids pretty much stuck to roasting their own hot dogs. So maybe the more elaborate bbq would be for more like 80. I get what you're saying about actually cooking over a pit, maybe the meat was thin enough and on skewers, people could DYI, the cooking part. I'm liking the thought of kabobs more and more. But how to decrease the prep?

Help for Beach Party Menu

Hi all.

I would love to get your thoughts on options for a beach party for probably up to 80 adults and 80 kids. In the past, it's been a mishmosh potluck, but is likely to turn into a "kick in some cash" for food party. There are firepits for cooking, reheating, or finishing par-cooked foods. And doing that, I think, is the funnest part of the party (v. taco cart, pizza or something like that.)

Dogs and smores, for sure. But it would be nice to have more meats and some nice sides for the adults. The drop off BBQ places I've looked at so far (per Chowhound recs) are Big Mistas, Park's Finest and Tres Gauchos (Argentinian). We wanted to keep costs to about $7 pp, so I am willing to do more leg work if required, but I can't imagine what I could do for that number of people other than preparing marinades or sauces. Maybe there's a place that makes good kabobs en masse?

I realize this is pretty open ended, but any other ideas are appreciated.

Thanks so much.

Rare ramen? Please help a fellow Hound!

I've bought this at Mitsuwa market on Venice and Centinela