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If you were a foodie and could live anywhere in/near DC - where would it be?

By the way I meant my reply was late, not yours...

If you were a foodie and could live anywhere in/near DC - where would it be?

A late reply, but thanks so much bigeaterette - really useful. Like you, it's the daily lifestyle that's more important to us than destination eateries.

While we aren't in a position to do a scoping trip like you guys, we are hoping to spend a few weeks in a serviced apartment to get a feel for the various suburbs before we rent somewhere.

Great to hear that day care is not impossible too. I did find a few preschools in the Capitol Hill vicinity too. Perhaps our kids will end up at the same place!

If you were a foodie and could live anywhere in/near DC - where would it be?

I am still getting a feel for rental prices in DC so it's useful to know I've chosen expensive parts of town! Coming from Sydney where housing affordability is out of control, I think DC will be comparable. We are happy to live somewhere a little shabby if it means a better location. Saying that I had heard that Palisades/Georgetown are really expensive so I hadn't looked into them. Was I right in thinking this?

Very very good tip on not compromising on location OneMoreBite - I hadn't really thought about the fact the suburbs we're talking about might be large enough to have parts that are close to public transport and parts that aren't. Will definitely take that into account too.

Capitol Hill and Eastern Market are sounding very cool right now although I have seen comments online about day care being hard to find (which we may not end up needing depending on whether I find work). I will definitely check out Moms on the Hill.

If you were a foodie and could live anywhere in/near DC - where would it be?

All very welcome feedback - thank you! We were initially thinking Arlington but I'd read some pretty harsh comments about it - the below comments reassure me that it's not bland at all as people have said.

Based on the advice below, I'll stick with Arlington and Capitol Hill as starting points and I will add Dupont Circle to the places to look for housing too. Arlington sounds great for parks etc but I would also love to live somewhere where we didn't have to drive very much. Great to get a sense of these neighborhoods.

I totally take on board your comments MikeR. My partner will be working in the Dupont Circle area but all these neighborhoods seem a pretty easy commute to there. My work prospects are a bit uncertain but having a toddler we will be looking for parks (thanks for the tip on parks in Arlington Steve - we both love a good swing) and playgroups etc.

I know focussing on food might sound like a weird way to start looking for a place to live, but I guess the thing about the local food scene is that I see it as a way to feel part of a community, which is really important to me. I love knowing the girl who makes my morning coffee and the little rituals surrounding trips to the farmers markets etc are what makes a lifestyle and a home -a home away from home in our case.

Thanks again all. So very excited about moving to your wonderful part of the world!

Suggestions for appetizer to go with duck main

Wow. This is my first post here and you guys have some amazing suggestions!

I think I will go with the plate of jamon etc suggested by wattacetti or the persimmon salad jaykayen mentioned. But all of these ideas will be stockpiled for future entertaining.

I will be back!

If you were a foodie and could live anywhere in/near DC - where would it be?

Hello All,

My partner and I are relocating to DC later in the year from overseas and we're trying to get a feel for the 'vibe' of various neighborhoods.

In a dream world, I would love to live somewhere with a good selection of local cafes, a great local baker/ butcher and maybe a farmers market not too far away (I did say dream!).

We both enjoy a drink but we're not rampaging party animals so bars are okay but not vital. We are more likely to spend time in sunny brunch cafes than in formal fine dining establishments. Also, we have a toddler but he won't be school aged while we are there so we don't have school zoning issues etc.

So far we are considering the Clarendon/Courthouse areas of Arlington, Capitol Hill and Columbia Heights.

What do you all think? Are these the right places to be looking? And which of them would you choose if you were looking for somewhere with atmosphere?

Suggestions for appetizer to go with duck main

I am looking for suggestions for an appetizer for a small dinner party on the weekend.

The main course is roasted duck with figs and vincotto, with duck fat roasted potatoes and steamed green beans on the side. Dessert will be roasted pears with caramel and vanilla ice cream (I should point out I'm in the southern hemisphere where we are going into winter so these are pretty seasonal dishes).

I'm after a really simple appetizer. I'm cooking for good friends and don't want a really formal vibe. I'd also like to keep it light because the other courses are quite rich. I was even thinking a simple antipasti but I'm short on ideas. I contemplated feta-stuffed baby peppers but they're out of season at the moment.

Any ideas?