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Cheapest Steaks and Ground Beef in TO

Thanks Benniep!

We went to Nosso Talho yesterday (Dundas location, since we live along Dundas Streetcar Route) and loaded up! Great prices! $6.99 for the T-Bones, $6.65 per 7lbs of ground beef (buy 5lbs get 2lbs free), and while we weren't planning on ribs, we couldn't pass up those MEATY back ribs for $3.97/lb. We always go out for ribs because usually Montana's costs the same as buying ribs at the grocery store without the hassles - but at <$14 for a rack that puts any restaurant to shame, it was totally worth it!

Cheapest Steaks and Ground Beef in TO

I need to buy a lot of steaks and ground beef next month and am trying to find the cheapest source. I don't need organic or high-dollar butcher meat, I just need it to be safe to eat lol.

I know friends in California always talk about how cheap they get pretty good meats at Latin markets and such - does anyone know where in Toronto I would go? Any specific Chinatown grocery or something?


Bulk Cream Cheese - Where? Toronto/GTA

I am looking for a place to buy bulk Philadelphia (or comparable) cream cheese in or around Toronto. Any suggestions? I need at least 30 of those 8oz bricks and I'm sure Loblaws isn't the cheapest place to get them!


Can I get Bubba Burgers in Ontario?

In Florida I used to always buy the Bubba brand frozen burgers at the grocery store (Publix). They are all-natural minimally processed frozen 1/3lb patties with no crap in them.

Does anyone know if there is a source for these, or a similar burger brand, in Toronto?