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Khao San Road Review

Stumbled across this place last night while in the area and glad we did. Had not heard of this place as of yet though my girlfriend after sitting down remembered reading some sort of buzz about this joint. Knew the food was going to be great when i saw Allan who has been a server at the Senator for a decade and a half eating here. You know a place is likely to be good when the industry supports it.

And. It was great. Very busy but the line moved very quickly and we were seated in about 10 minutes. We grabbed two seats at the bar.

We asked the bar tender what was good and she did not lead us astray. We took all of her recommendations as follows.

Started with the chicken sausage rolls and the fried squash rolls. Both were great. The rolls sliced in six large pieces contained a sizeable portion of chicken sausage and delicious fresh veggies and spices. Out of this world is the only way to descirbe the fritters. Not greasy at all with a lovely tast of lemon grass. Both come with a equally delicious dipping sauce. We had to ask for another side of it as it was so good. In fact I think that stuff would be great on anything.

We then moved to the Sam Roas pad thai. We ordered it medium with chicken. Some of the lightest pad thai i have eaten in a long time. Other than next time trying it hot would not change a thing.

We then ordered the green curry chicken as my girlfriend wanted to try it. I am not a huge curry fan as i don't like cocunnut milk tastes. She seemed to enjoy it. Based on my few mouthfulls (again we ordered medium) again I would say Hot may be the way to go.

A great dinner. Two of the owners passed by to see what we thought as they were doing all night. Making sure as they said everything is perfect.

Total dinner was under $50. Will be back. Soon!!!!!

Khao San Road
326 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1P7, CA

Ossingtons Newest-One Word PERFECT

Had the pleasure of attending Oss's newest restaurant and let me tell you it was well worth the wait.

Welcome to Oss Fishbar and please don't change a thing. Dined there Sunday eve.

Had a few questions about the wine list that is incredibly well priced and also just incredible. No white over 60 and a several by the glass around 10.

The ever so helpful sommelier recommended the first glass and brought over a taste for both myself and my girlfriend. It was great. He did the same for two other glasses of wine always telling us a bit about the wine and that if we did not like it he would bring something else. What great service and what great wine. Each glass was great. The Chenin Blanc was my personal favourite while my girl friend most favoured the sauvningon blanc. And we both agreed the Austrian wine was pretty good as well.

Our server (also turned out to be one of the owners) was equally as helpful. It is clear he has not left his east coast hospitality and friendliness out east and has a true pride and passion for both the fish he serves and what he does.

He subtly convinced me to join my girlfriend in trying my first oyster. Glad he did so.

After the oysters we moved to the anchovy crostini and the shrimp cocktail. The flavour of the anchovies and onion exploded on the first bite. The shrimps we large, fresh and succulent and the classic cocktail sauce was just right.

We then moved to the sardine. If you like sardines you will love their's. Perfectly and simply grilled. I still don't know how they do it at 8.

We finished up with the locally grown asparagus and the panko crusted calamari. Again simply put. Perfection.

Sadly at this point we were both full and unable on this visit to try the tuna or qual. But don't worry we will on the next visit.

I can not think of one bad thing to say about this place. Great food. Great Service and well priced.

My only fear is that this place will soon have lines like Libretto. I really really hope they take reservations.

217 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z7, CA