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White sauce for fish tacos?

You are so right on this. The 7-up works really well! Thanks for the tip!

May 15, 2014
mac422 in Home Cooking

Best Fry Pan for Eggs?

Hands down, Swiss Diamond frying pans. They are the slickest I have used and have a lifetime warranty on the pan's construction and non-stick coating. I've been using mine for 5 years and it still looks new. You can use metal utensils with Swiss Diamond, too. Oven safe and will actually brown food.

May 22, 2011
mac422 in Cookware

Battery operated pepper mill, thoughts? Reviews?

I like the Peppermill Supreme 2000. Very powerful and rechargeable. The only downside is that it is large. It does have a light!

May 22, 2011
mac422 in Cookware