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Cheese Shop Recommendation Needed

Cheese Magic in Kensington Market

Guilty Pleasures?

Brown Sugar/Cinnamon Croissants - Clafouti (Queen & Strachan)
Funnel Cake with whipped cream & strawberries- Canada's Wonderland
Chicken Shwarma - A La Turque (Church & Wellesley)
Breaded Chicken & Eggplant Sandwich with Hot Peppers - Moustachio (St Lawrence Market)
Dolsot Beef Bibimbap - Ho Su Bistro (Queen & John)
Fish & Chips - Chippy's (Queen & Strachan)
Satay Ph - Pho 88

Anniversary dinner recommendation

Hi all,

I am looking for a resturant recommendation for my 5 year anniversary. WE don't want to break the bank a la Susur, but want to go somewhere with great food and a nice atmosphere. Last year we went to Lee which we loved, but it would be nice to try somewhere new this time. I am considering Matahari....comments? Other suggestions?