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Visiting the city this Sunday - University City recs please

I've never had TOO much trouble finding parking in that area during "off" times. My favorite in that area is Distrito on 40th for great Mexican and margaritas.

Aug 02, 2012
whethergirl in Philadelphia

Rouge -- yay or nay, and alternative suggestions for next visit

I was going to recommend Parc or Dandelion in that area - Dandelion's fish and chips lunch is amazing!

Definitely don't detour to Pat's or Geno's - if you want a quick lunch where everyone can grab something different, head to Reading Terminal Market around 8th street and get a roast pork sandwich from DiNic's.

Aug 02, 2012
whethergirl in Philadelphia

Husband's 35th Birthday Dinner - Marea or something else?

Thanks for the replies! Looks like I'll probably be keeping my reservation. It'll be cheaper since I'm pregnant and therefore a reluctant teetotaler and my husband will likely have one beer. WHich helps us up our restaurant range a bit!

I'll have to check out The Modern.

Jul 17, 2012
whethergirl in Manhattan

Husband's 35th Birthday Dinner - Marea or something else?

Hi New Yorkers!

I'm a Philly-based foodie taking my husband on a surpise 35th birthday trip to NYC, just for one night. We'll be staying at Le Parker Meridien in Central Park South.

I have booked a 6:15 reservation at Marea but some of the reviews on here have me second-guessing. I would love a great seafood/American/eclectic menu but don't want to spend an arm and a leg (thinking max around $100pp for food, pre-tax and tip), so places like Le Bernardin are out.

We would love to be able to walk someplace since we are only there for the one night - otherwise, I'd book Craft in a heartbeat. We loved the LA location and we're looking for something similar.

Other options I'm considering are Nougatine and Bar Americain.

Any ideas for us? Thank you!

Jul 16, 2012
whethergirl in Manhattan

What's for dinner? Part 89 [OLD]

Tonight I think we'll have grilled fish tacos with avocado and some sort of slaw. Beautiful day here in Philly, perfect for grilling!

May 21, 2011
whethergirl in Home Cooking

A La Maison in Ardmore for lunch?

My husband and I have been to A La Maison several times for lunch as it's very close to our home in Haverford. I would recommend it - the food has been consistently good, the French Onion Soup is fantastic and I really enjoyed my chicken salad plate the last time I was there. They recently changed their menu a bit and now have mussels for two, plus a number of crepes served with fries (really good, thin-cut) or a salad with good mustard vinaigrette. They also just recently put tables outside if it's a nice day.

Ambience is lovely, feels like you're in France, and it's never too loud. There is metered parking behind the building if you turn at the McDonald's, and there's a back door to the restaurant so you can enter from the lot.

The only issue we've had is the service - their main waiter for lunch is an older, very gruff French gentleman who is very abrupt and not pleasant at all. Our "could we make the Croque Monsieur into a Croque Madame?" request was met with "what? no. we don't do that anymore", and when I asked if there were any specials, he laughed and said "this is lunch, not dinner. no specials". Pretty obnoxious but he refills things briskly and all that.

May 21, 2011
whethergirl in Philadelphia