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Need clam shack recs on the Cape

I think Chatham Pier Fish Market has great fried seafood and is the type of place original poster is describing. Has 3 picnic tables, and a bench around back by the dock. You can also bring folding chairs and take your food onto the beach.

New for 2011 on Cape Cod?

Have family on the cape year round. Last summer we loved the Chatham Pier Fish Market (new owners revamped the old Nickerson's) for takeout fried seafood, lobster rolls, and fish market. Beautiful waterfront setting with picnic tables. It just opened for the season a few weeks ago. Brewster Fish House more upscale, not new but still great except no res policy and long lines.

Brewster Fish House
2208 Main, Brewster, MA 02631

NEED RECS :) Chatham Bars Inn stay this Presidents Day weekend in Chatham, MA Cape Cod!!!

I also love Chatham Pier Fish Market (CPF) Their roll has lots of chunky lobster meat, just right amount of mayo; don't recall there being much filler. Squeeze a lemon on it and you're good to go! Their fried seafood is great too; not greasy at all and freshest around. Locale is gorgeous too.